24 Hours with a Red Nokia Lumia 920

The red and white Nokia Lumia 920s are just starting to hit the Rogers store shelves. There’s no yellow version in the stores yet, but hopefully they will show up shortly. I was lucky enough to secure a red one just as stock hit the stores, so I thought I would post some initial thoughts on it, and how it differs from the Black Lumia 920 that I reviewed earlier.

The high gloss color changes a few things. First, the phone is a little more slippery in your hands. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The Lumia 920 is one solid device. As such, I’m not as concerned about dropping it as I would be for other devices. In fact, I accidentally dropped a friends black 920 fro a height of about 4 feet, onto a polished concrete floor. The result; no scratches, scuffs, or cracks. You could even tell it was dropped – thankfully, or else I would have to buy him a new phone! The other effect of the high gloss is how the light reflects off it. Under certain lights, it appears to have more of an orangey-red look. But then under another light, it’s a deep glowing red.


On the all the black Lumia 920s, there is a small creak/flex in the case where the SIM try is. It’s pretty small, and you have to grab it just right to notice it, but it is there. On my red Lumia 920 – there is no creak/flex that I have been able to find. I don’t know if this is due to the gloss finish, or if the body has been slightly modified to fix that issue. Regardless, it’s awesomely solid now. :-)

Beautiful black accents – It sounds stupid to say, but the black buttons, screws, headphone plug, and charge port really pop out on a glossy red device, and they look sharp! On a black device they just blend right in.

I thought I would also talk once more about battery life, since I keep hearing people complain about the battery on the 920. I setup 2 push email accounts, and 1 that polls once an hour. I pulled off the charger at 6am this morning and used it pretty much the same as I would have any other phone. It’s been 15 hours, and I still have 41% of my battery remaining. That’s as good as my previous Windows Phone.

The final difference that you need to be ready for – random people stopping you to ask what phone that is. It’s just that flashy and bright that it will catch everyone’s eye. So be prepared to answer questions about your phone. :-)

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