The Canadian Gouge-Based Heritage

While Canada may be best known by those outside of the country for its hockey, maple syrup, and Mounties, those in the country also recognize the long standing history of being gouged by the phone and cable providers. So it’s no surprise that Canadian cellular rates are among the world’s highest – Sad, but true. You can imagine how upset Canadians became  upon learning that the internet was going to be billed based on usage. The decision was quickly changed – at least for now, but once again left a bad taste in the publics mouth.

Enter Rick Mercer, a Canadian political satirist who is well known for his humorous video’s and political rants. Rick put together a great parody of the Heritage Moment commercials that air in Canada. This particular one is focusing on the history of Canadian telecommunications. The video makes fun of the gouging that Canadians are still facing. Rates are going up, Again.


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