Canadians choose Windows Phone 7 over Android

This is actually a little surprising; not because of the merits of either platform, but just because Windows Phone 7 hasn’t even arrived in Canada yet and most people don’t even know about it. A poll conducted on behalf of shows Canadians will choose Windows Phone 7 over Android for their next smartphone purchase.

More telling of the Canadian smartphone marketplace is that iPhone and Blackberry are far ahead of either Windows Phone 7 or Android.

“Despite Canadians’ lack of awareness about the platform, nine per cent say they plan to buy a Windows Phone 7 device the next time they buy a phone. That just narrowly beats out Android at 8.8 per cent, but is behind iPhone’s iOS (25.9 per cent) and BlackBerry OS (20.5 per cent).”

Certainly, the buying results for this holiday season and the first quarter of 2011 will be interesting to watch. I truly don’t think it will outsell Android initially, but perhaps at some point it will. Either way, at the least this poll shows an excitement level we don’t normally see for Micrsoft products.

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  • Mike Temporale

    That’s pretty intersting. I don’t know how much I would put into that statistic. I mean, I’m likely to say I will buy something before it actually ships and is available. Once I have seen and played with it, then the story could very well change.

  • Rahul Aggarwal

    Interesting update! Android being the world favorite the Canada has managed to go with WP7 seems astonishing. A Microsoft product having no match in the mobile market, but this is strange. Thanks for the mention.
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