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Trio Well, who woulda guessed? My video review of the Motorola Charm is currently over 9k views.  Youtube contacted me to ask if I wanted to share in ad revenue, to which I reluctantly agreed.  I mean, I’ll take their money if I have to but then I have to go to the bank and all that…

So far I have made enough to buy myself a couple coffees.  Oh boy!  Hey, not complaining, just saying.

I’m actually finding that I will carry the Charm with me more often than the Samsung Vibrant if I am just running to the store.  The Charm is just a bit more convenient and I worry less about damaging the screen since it’s so much smaller.  For anything longer than a short trip its the Vibrant for sure. Screen is fantastic, camera is worlds better and Angry Birds actually works on it. 馃槈

The battery life on the Charm has turned out to be sub par.  I have done everything I can to reduce the drain, but on moderate to heavy use it will only last until about 4pm.  Not so great.  I may need to look into some accessories that help with battery life.

I got the iPod touch 4G last week and think its a great little device for the money.  It is a nice little improvement over the last touch with the higher rez screen, faster processor, sleeker design and cameras. I will say that I was a bit surprised that they limited the cameras as much as they did.  I get that it’s an inexpensive device, but having only a 0.7MP camera on the back is pretty weak.  The camera does a good job but still…

I’m looking forward to trying out the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.  Not too sure when that will be but I gotta get at one!  They look great.

Probably the most exciting thing in mobile coming soon HAS to be the launch of Windows Phone 7!  I am really pumped about WP7: it looks great, runs very well, and is something new and interesting!

For quite a while now I have been using various Android phones and really like the OS but am getting a bit bored with it; not as bored as I am with iOS, just that it is feeling a bit…old-ish.  Once you try WP7 you will see why I say that.  It’s just so fresh and modern! (picture me jumping up and down like a three year old)

Well, bored you long enough. Get back to your lawn bowling or knitting or whatever you were doing before.  Feel free to argue with me in the comments, or to say something more friendly.  :)

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  • Mike Temporale

    Wow – the Charm has a pretty sad battery life if it only lasts until 4pm. How many email accounts do you have setup on it? Are they all push or imap? Because if that’s with 1 push email account, that’s the worst battery life I’ve seen in a while.

    I do like the size and features of the Charm, that track pad on the back of it is pretty awesome.

  • Darren Humphries

    I do have both Gmail and an Exchange account set up on it, which will certainly make a difference. It’s part of why I said usage was moderate to heavy. If I only make a couple calls and use my Vibrant for most data I will get to the evening without a problem, but with serious use it is a problem.

    It’s a great phone for the most part, but for heavy users it’s not the best choice.

  • Mike Temporale

    With my HTC Legend, I have 3 GMail accounts setup and it will easily get to the end of the day (11pm). It won’t make it the night, but it does make the day.

    On the iPhone 4, I have the same 3 accounts (this time setup as 2 exchange for push, and 1 Gmail IMAP) and the phone makes it to the end of the day with lots left over. It might even make it half way through the next day if I let it go that long.

    So the Charm wouldn’t last me very long at all – which sucks. But I think it would make a good phone for my wife. She doesn’t use any data, and is very light on voice usage as well.

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