The Telus HTC Desire in the Flesh

As Mike reported on Friday, Telus released the HTC Desire. It is their latest Android device, and it is running OS 2.1. It has a 1Ghz processor, with a 3.7″ Super LCD screen. The following video walks you through my thoughts on the first full day of use. :)

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    The Telus HTC Desire in the Flesh –

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    Nice – Dave Evans first impressions of the Desire RT @MobileJaw: The Telus HTC Desire in the Flesh –

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    I like that phone! RT @MobileJaw: The Telus HTC Desire in the Flesh –

  • Dave Evans

    Well I’m into day 4 of full use with the Desire, and loving it. Battery life seems to be improving, although the jury is still out, but I am confident.

    I don’t use Exchange myself, but I loaded a buddies account on for a quick try….before anyone gets the wrong idea….and you know who you are….ekiM…I’m not saying Gmail is better then Exchange, but on an Android device Gmail works much better. :) Exchange was a bit finicky to setup, but did eventually work. It does not do tasks. This compared to Gmail which you simply sign in and off it goes.

    I`m finding that the stock Web browser when it works, it works very well. However it occasionally stalls midway through downloading a page. I`m not sure what that`s all about yet. If anyone has any insight into this please feel free to share.

    As you may already know Google Maps now has full navigation with voice commands using Android 1.6 and higher. It`s pretty good for a free navigator. When you type in an address it filters through your contacts. When you get to your destination it flips to a Street View of your location….its the little things. :)

    More in a day or two.