Apple’s New iPhone 4: Canada Bound

gallery03-20100607 Yesterday, Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs introduced the world to their newest iPhone: the iPhone 4.

The good news for Canadians is that the iPhone 4 is coming sometime soon.  Rogers will be announcing the launch on their network “within weeks”.  We’ll post pricing and availability when we know.  Most likely pricing will mirror the US – except for that little 3-years-instead-of-2-years part – and should be $199 on contract.


I made notes during the launch announcement and am including them below…just in case you didn’t want to read a long article about all the new features:

iOS4 – the name of the new OS rather than iPhone OS.  It makes sense given that it’s on the iPad as well.
iBooks – iPad and iPhone – download to both, saves your place on either and no extra cost for book.  Added PDF support.
Lots of HTML5 mentions.
$5billion in App store sales, $1billion to developers – Apple emphasize the later but my thought was “Holy Shnikies!  Apple made $4 billion just from Apps!!!”
iPhone – New design, super slim 9.3mm, glass on front and back, metal band around outside is also antennas
gallery09-20100607 Front-facing camera for video conferencing called FaceTime, but only over WiFi
Rear facing cam is 5megapixel, but loaded with geeky tech goodness for great shots
SUPER high res screen, 960×640, 4x times current, called Retina display, 326 pixels per inch, 70% of iPad res – All that to say, “WOW!”  That is going to be a gorgeous screen!
Apple’s own A4 processor, the same as is in the iPad.  Should be blistering fast.
Larger battery for 40% longer life – 3g talk – 7hrs, browsing 3g – 6hrs, wifi browsing – 10hrs
Three axis Gyroscope – for better 3d gaming
gallery01-20100607 HD Video capture – 720p, 30fps video
Built-in video editing (with optional iMovie) – Looks like it will be a very capable video editor, indeed!
Unified inbox with multiple exchange accounts support
Bing search added
iAds – because Apple isn’t making enough money yet.
By September will roll out to 88 countriesvery fast rollout
June 21st, free upgrade too all iPhone, iPad and iPod users but won’t have all features on 3G iPhone and 2G touch


Sounds pretty darn impressive.  Are you getting one?

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  • Mike Temporale

    I like the hardware – the screen is amazing, the 3 axis gyroscope, the HD Video, etc… but I fear that iOS still doesn’t meet my needs. I might get one just to try it out, but I don’t expect to keep it very long.

    In terms of the OS name change, it was something that was needed. However, once again Apple has picked a name that is already used for something else. As pointed out by the gdgt team in the live stream, iOS is the name of the OS used on Cisco’s hardware. Opps!

  • Simren Deogun

    Getting one is solely dependent on what Rogers can do for me — I imagine that will be not much! But I still have my fingers crossed — otherwise the HTC Evo is looking pretty sweet!

  • Darren Humphries

    Mike, I’m feeling about the same. I probably won’t bother getting one, my other phones will do just fine. Plus, I am REALLY looking forward to WP7. Microsoft really has a fire lit under them to beat Apple and are going to go all out with the platform. Plus, WP7 will be anti-iPhone, which is fine by me. :)

  • Mike Temporale

    @Simren – The EVO is hot! As per HTC, they’ve done a great job on that device. However, it’s a CDMA device and it’s locked on the Sprint network. Because of that, you can’t use it here in Canada. Hopefully, one of the Canadian carriers will release a GSM version that works on our networks, or AT&T will release a version that Canadians can buy and unlock for use here. Otherwise you’re out of luck for using the EVO. :(

    Oh, and check out this post (and the link to engadget) for a good comparison between these devices.

  • Mike Temporale

    @Darren – Microsoft preforms best when under pressure from the competition. Apple and Google have put more pressure on Microsoft in the last 2 years than RIM could ever imagine. So… yeah, watch out for Micorsoft!

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