Budget Smartphones: Comparing Cameras

In a little bit I will be putting together a comparison of two low end smartphones; the Nokia 5230 and Palm Pre. The Nokia 5230 sells for just $180 with no contract on the WIND Mobile network and the Palm Pre for $299 on the Bell network. I was actually going to include the HTC Hero from Telus but just noticed they have cranked up the price to $499 from $379 and even sell it for the ridiculous price of $249.99 with a 3 year agreement. That is highway robbery, so don’t even bother. Way to go, Telus!!!

Before I get underway with the full review I wanted to post a picture from each of these phones, as the camera on each is quite good. To test them out I took the same shot twice on each phone and picked the best for each one.

The Nokia 5230 only has a 2 megapixel camera, so I really wasn’t expecting much. Of course, as has been said many times before, it’s not about the megapixels. The 5230 really does prove that point! Pictures are extremely clear and snapping photos is quite quick. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a fast camera on a smartphone! So many take way too long to snap and save, but the Nokia is very…snappy. :)

The Palm Pre has a 3 megapixel camera and is shockingly good, in my opinion. Colours are very vibrant, as is detail and it is also a very fast camera. I found I could snap pictures as quickly as half a second apart!

Enough blabbing! Here are the example shots; the first being from the Nokia and the second from the Palm Pre. Clicking the image will bring up a full sized photo. Tell me what you think!

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    I’ve been looking at these pictures as I’m writing up a post, and while both look really good for cheap phones, the Palm has captured a richer green on the tree. In fact, the Nokia picture looks a little washed out, but nothing major. It really shows when compared side by side to another camera. But alone, it would be more than acceptable.

    I can’t recall how many full featured smartphones I’ve used that couldn’t take a picture that nice!

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    Ya, the Pre does a great job with colours. Look at this one: http://darrenhumphries.posterous.com/another-palm-pre-pic

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    Wow! that has some great color in it. And that Jonas brothers table cloth is a must have too! ;)

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    HAHA! My daughter’s 10th birthday…honest…