New Samsung B7330 Messenger Device Heading to Canada

Samsung is the king of Windows Mobile Standard based devices. Since the launch of the original BlackJack, Samsung has been improving and updating this form factor. Last year they released the B7330 in the Netherlands, and now it appears that it will make it’s way to Canada for Bell and Rogers. The B7330 is only the second Windows Mobile Standard (non-touch) device to feature the larger 320×320 screen. While it doesn’t sound like a big difference over the regular 320×240/240×320 screens we see on other devices, it does make a significant difference in the day to day usage of the device.

The device specs seem to be an exact match to the version from the Netherlands, with exception to the radio being used. This version will take advantage of the North American 3G network. There’s no pricing information that I was able to find. However, it appears that the B7330 will be available for purchase starting on April 28th (Yes, that’s today!) from Bell, and May 4th from Rogers.  You can check out the device and all it’s specifications from the Samsung Canada website. MobileJaw-Samsung-B7330

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