Motorola has invaded Canada!!

Motorola had an event today to announce three of their phones are coming to Canadian carriers.  The DEXT is headed to Bell, the QUENCH to Rogers and the Backflip to Telus.

All three devices are Android phones running the 1.5 version of the OS.  Not exactly inspiring, but certainly all three are capable.Morrison_white_FrontOpen_1, 7/15/09, 9:41 AM,  8C, 4068x3374 (1120+2385), 100%, Custom,  1/25 s, R45.1, G32.7, B64.8
  All will sport MotoBlur for keeping on top of social media and your friend’s status’.


The DEXT has a slide out keyboard.  I’m not too sure how much I would like the D-pad on the left side there, but I’m sure it works just fine.







The Quench is a slate type device that is a tad ho-hum, but one that Rogers will carry will have a white front panel and looks more interesting.  While it might not be much to look at the form factor is obviously a popular one, so it will probably do well.






The most interesting of the trio is the Backflip.  As the name implies, the screens flips backward in the opposite direction of what you would expect.  The result is that you can use the phone in a slate-type mode with the keyboard underneath or opened with the keyboard ready to use.





Since we weren’t invited to the Motorola event [waves an angry fist at Moto Canada’s PR] we weren’t able to get any photos or video for you.  But head on over to Mobilesyrup for see videos of all three.



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  • Mike Temporale

    Those are some pretty cool looking devices. While I’m not a big fan of Blur, I wouldn’t mind taking those devices for a spin. I think the best looking device is the Backflip.

    That left-handed trackball seems very odd.

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