iPad Hype is Going Strong

You have to hand it to Apple. When the iPad was announced, it was taken with mediocre reviews. Some people thought it was going to be amazing, but a lot of people were unsure about where it fit in and if it was even that big a deal. Apple still managed to drive the hype meter up and get people to line-up for units. By the middle of the day the lines were all gone, and the iPad was still readily available at many locations. If you’re listening to all the twitter buzz, it seems to be getting some pretty good first impressions.

There’s already a number of posts on the net reviewing the iPad. If you’re looking, here’s some of the better ones to read:

And of course, someone has already dissected the iPad – Crazy! But you knew someone would do it.

While the iPad has some cool features, I don’t think it’s for me. Perhaps that could change once I have a chance to play with it a little – but I don’t see that happening until they go on-sale here in Canada. Further, I’m still hooked on Microsoft’s Courier concept. If I am swayed to get one, I think this sticker would be a must have. :)

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    I kinda like the Courier better.