Given the Choice Between an iPad and…

With the release of the iPad this weekend I got thinking about whether I could actually use one or not.  I certainly would love to have one but there’s that whole cost-justification thing to get around.  My decision (or rather, my wallet’s decision) was to not get an iPad and to freely cry into my pillow at night.

While dreaming iPad-y dreams I was imagining myself with $499 in my pocket on my way to the Apple store and I started to wonder if that was the right place to drop my coins.  Again, I would love to have one of these but if I only have one pocket full of money is this where it should be spent.

Let’s assume the money is only to be used on technology; who would get your 5 bills?  Would you rush out and get an iPad or is there some other gear that is higher on your list?

For myself I would probably rather have an HTC HD2 than an Apple iPad (bracing for the backlash!).

I must be insane!!! Right?!

My reasoning is simple; with an iPad I would almost exclusively only use it at home, which means fairly limited use for me.  With 3 kids we tend to be busy quite a few nights a week, so the iPad would see action for only an hour or so a night at best.  I’m sure it would be bliss during that time and all, but just not the best use of my money.

An HTC HD2 would be a much different story.  I could take it everywhere and have all the same functionality, just on a smaller screen.  Of course, for a smartphone the screen is massive, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.  Watching media on the HD2 would perfectly fine for me and could happen far more often.

So, there you have it.  Given the choice I would choose a HTC HD2 over an iPad.  Nice to say that out loud.

How about you?

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  • Dave Evans

    Well, I would knock of the corner store for an extra 50 bucks and spend $549 on an HP slate. For the extra 50 bucks it’s a complete no brainer.


  • Mike Temporale

    Great point Darren – the HD2 offers me more than the iPad would.

    @Dave – That’s also a great point. The HP slate is pretty cool and for the same amount of money (or pretty close anyway) it seems like the right choice would be to get the HP slate.

    Either way, it’s shaping up to be a pretty wild 2010. I can’t wait to see what other gadgets are coming that we don’t even know about yet! :)

  • Paul Willen

    Hard to tell – because both fulfill a different ‘need’
    I think the iPad is really a device for ‘browsing-on-the-couch’, reading (email/books/whatever) so a real reader’s device.

    The HD2 on the other hand is a real power device for any kind of action you would like to do…. besides browsing.

  • Peter Temporale

    I’ve heard more people talking about getting a slate (HP is mentioned often), or the Microsoft Courier. I don’t hear much mention of the iPad anymore – it seems to have quitely fizzeled out.