How to Send Google Buzz Posts to Twitter

As I am sure you all know Google has just released their latest project into the wilds; Google Buzz.

Buzz looks to be an interesting service that is somewhere between facebook and twitter. Who knows if it will be the social network of the decade, but I’m jumping in to try it out.

One obvious thing that is missing is a way to post to twitter from Buzz. Well, you had to know someone would figure out how!

Here is the step-by-step on how to send Buzz posts to twitter:

1. Click the following link:
2. Connect it to your Twitter account using OAuth
3. Click this link again as the redirected page is not the correct one:
4. Add your Google Profile Number ID from the bottom of your profile
5. Make sure “Sync” is On and hit Submit
6. Done!!

In number 4 above you are shown your profile page, scroll to the bottom under “Profile URL” and select the link for “see other options” to show your Google Number ID. Paste the whole number in the box.

The service is powered by Pubsubhubbub and seems to work quite well.

My twitter account can be found here
My Google Buzz profile is here

Many thanks to George Millington for the link to Louis Gray’s post!!

Update: Either this service is choking on all the new content or has been shut down. I am not seeing any content getting to twitter now. Anyone else having success?

Update again: Looks like it is still working but is spotty. Let’s hope there is an official solution from Google sometime soon.

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    I’m sorry Darrien.The integration did not work.My Buzz posts DID NOT appear in Twitter.I followed your directions step-by-step,but to NO avail.Could you PLEASE help?Regards,Dr.Basu.

  • Darren Humphries

    Dr. Basu, there is generally a delay before you see your posts on twitter. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you, but it is working for me.

    When you tapped the “OK” button do you get a confirmation that it is working? It should show right below the button.


    Dear Darren,
    I guess my patience ran out a little too fast.IT DOES WORK BROTHER!! Oh yes it does!! You’ve made me SOOOO HAPPY,i could HUG you.
    NOW i can RT your site without a care.


    Sorry for the typo,that should have read THANK YOU!

  • Guilherme S Gomes
  • Allie Mendoza

    How to Send Google Buzz Posts to Twitter :: Mobile Jaw

  • Rhodri Ap-Hywel

    @Bwgan How to Send Buzz posts to Twitter

  • Chris

    I have a quick question….
    If I were to post via Twitter and I have my Twitter account linked to Google Buzz AND had this thing running, would my status update be double-posted in Buzz?


    Dear Chris,
    I think NOT and i’ll tell you why.Suppose you have synced your Twitter and Buzz accounts in such a way that anything you post on Twitter will appear in Buzz, and vice versa,and you post something on Twitter…It will immediately appear in Buzz,and,since that is a NEW Buzz post,it will appear in Twitter.That post,being a NEW post on Twitter,will now appear in Buzz…and THIS WILL GO ON AND ON..which is ABSURD!
    So,coming back to your question,WHY ONLY TWICE,you should have asked whether it will go on and on….LOL!!

    By the way,how did you manage to post to BUZZ from
    Twitter? PLEASE guide me…i cannot…even after having followed Google’s instructions.

  • Darren Humphries

    @Dr. Basu I thought it ended up working for you, no? Still working fine for me, it is just delayed in posting.

    Chris, as the original article mentioned, this will only send to twitter content that is actually created on Buzz, not content that was sent to Buzz.


    Dear Darren,
    YOUR programme(ie from BUZZ to TWITTER) IS working FANTASTIC!! Thank you.
    It is ONLY that i am unable to post my TWITTER contents to BUZZ(ie the OTHER way round) even after following Google’s instructions.Can you help me with that please?

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    RT @tweetmeme How to Send Google Buzz Posts to Twitter

  • Vahn
  • Lisa Miller

    I tried using your instructions but hit a snag when I couldn’t find a Google Profile Number ID. What I have is a Profile URL, but it’s not a number. Could that be because I haven’t filled out all the information they want in the profile, it says “Your profile is not yet eligible to be featured in Google search results”. Just a thought. Any ideas?

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    Send your Google Buzz posts to Twitter (which I think is better than importing your Tweets into Buzz):

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    How to Send Google Buzz To Twitter (sorry, wrong link)

  • Manny Hernandez

    Wondering WHY this is the only way I've found to send Google Buzz posts to Twitter…

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    How to Send Google Buzz Posts to Twitter

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