CES: New iPhone Cases and Speaker Docks

I’m sure that you’ve heard of this new smartphone from Apple called the iPhone.  You’ll be happy to know that a couple manufacturers have decided to built cases, docks, and external speakers for this device. Each manufacturer had a radically different accessory design and function. The good news is that if you don’t like how one looks or works, there is another manufacturer just a couple booths away with another design.

Now, I may be exaggerating a little. There are a lot of booths with cases, docks and accessories for your favorite Apple mobile device. What really gets me, is why even enter that market at this point? There are so many companies making accessories, that you don’t really stand a chance of being in the top 10 unless you’re doing something so radically different than everyone else and from what I’ve seen, that’s just not happening.

Consumers are sitting in a great position as the price of accessories is only going to go down. Unfortunately, so will the quality and the manufacturers will struggle to make money and provide for their employees.

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me if I neglected to visit or take pictures of any of these companies and their products. 😉

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    And here i am commenting after more than a year on this post, where iphone has reached a sky high dominating the mobile industry. With the competitor Google spending millions of bucks to stand with the iphone challenges. The accessories are of lesser significance, as people love to flaunt their iphones that are already so flashy, eye catching with already inbuilt functions. The accessories are more like the forced decorations(here functions) that one could admire may be.