Palm and Motorola Call it Quits on Windows Mobile

MobileJaw-PalmMotoWinMo This past week word broken that both Palm and Motorola would stop using Windows Mobile on their handheld devices. That can’t be good news for Microsoft as they struggle to regain market and mind share as new mobile operating systems are moving in quickly. But is really all doom and gloom? Sure, it’s never good to lose customers to the competition, but did Palm and Moto really bring that much to Windows Mobile?

With all the handsets created by both Palm and Moto, only 1 device ever made Microsoft’s million plus sellers list – only 1. That device was Motorola’s Q, a ground breaking device for its time, even if it had a hard time making it through a day on a charge. Just like the RAZR, Moto has tried to recapture their success with similar styled follow-up devices without much luck.

As for Palm, their users a very loyal and typically love their handhelds. However, Palm was never able to get their popular Treo handsets into the million plus sellers club. It’s no surprise that once Palm was able to release their new, long awaited follow-up to the Palm OS, dubbed the WebOS that they would toss in the towel on Windows Mobile. The new Palm Pre running the WebOS is getting mediocre reviews on the street, but Palm.afford to continue working with 2 mobile operating systems. They need to curb the cash flow and cutting the mobile license fee that Microsoft asking for Windows Mobile is one sure fire way to save a little money in the short term. Can they last purely on their WebOS? We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

For me, I’m more looking forward to what Samsung, HTC, HP, etc… are going to release next, and what LG is going to bring to the table when they get their first devices out of the gate later this year. :)

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  • Darren Humphries

    Didn’t we have an argument on here at pneumonia point that Motorola was going to scrap WinMo? I hate to say I was right…ok, I don’t.

    It really isn’t surprising Palm would do this, it only makes sense. In fact, when Palm initially said they would keep releasing WinMo phones I figured that was either a lie or bad idea.

    I’ve said it before; 2010 is going to be a VERY interesting year in mobility.

  • Darren Humphries

    Good grief! “pneumonia”? error correction at its best.

  • DaveZatz

    webOS is solid, just needs more polish and some new form factors. Moto will probably reconsider WinMo when 7 hits. If they haven’t sold off their mobile division, that is. Palm’s best WinMo phone was designed by HTC. The 750 was my favorite WM handset ever in fact, although it could have been a bit thinner.

  • Mike Temporale

    @DaveZatz – the 750 is your favorite? I much prefer the Treo Pro. It’s a great device, great size and speed. The keyboard has a great feel too. I just didn’t care for the keyboard layout and the overly small screen. All-in-all, a great phone.

  • DaveZatz

    I appreciate the slimness and sleeker form of the 800, but I don’t care for the keyboard. Also, I’d expect a higher res camera given the generation and level. I wouldn’t mind WebOS in a Treo form.