Unboxing the Samsung Jack at Mobility Minded

Johan van Mierlo was able to get his hands on the new AT&T Samsung Jack smartphone and has filmed an unboxing video showing off the device in all of it’s glory. The Jack sports a similar keyboard to that of the Motorola Q9, but as the picture below shows, the Jack’s keyboard is a smaller due to the overall device being smaller. Samsung will be releasing a Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade to the Jack later this year. Samsung and AT&T recently released the Propel Pro smartphone, which is similar to the Jack but the keyboard slides up and underneath the screen. Check out the full unboxing videos over at MobilityMinded.com (Part 1, and Part 2) and let us know your thoughts on this device. Is there a Samsung Jack in your future?


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    Unboxing the Samsung Jack at Mobility Minded – http://tinyurl.com/por3to

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    Unboxing the Samsung Jack at Mobility Minded – http://tinyurl.com/por3to

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    http://eropticy.com Unboxing the Samsung Jack at Mobility Minded :: Mobile Jaw: ashleesg on C.. http://tinyurl.com/por3to

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    That looks like a pretty nice size. I’d really like to give it a run though to see if the keyboard is too cramped.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Keyboard is a biggie for me too. I’m a master with the BlackJack II (and I) and I’m worried that the new layout without the small gap between the keys will cause me no end of typos. I’ll have to try one out – and I may be heading back to the US sooner than I thought. If that works out, I’ll have to grab one of these and maybe even the Propel Pro too. :)