AT&T Set to Release New Samsung Jack Smartphone


This past week, AT&T announced another Samsung smartphone that will be added to their line-up. The new phone is called the Samsung Jack, not to be confused with the Samsung Jack being offered on the Canadian GSM carrier – Rogers, which is actually a BlackJack II. This new Jack runs Windows Mobile 6.1 but will be upgradable to Windows Mobile 6.5 when the time comes. The new Jack adds WiFi, a 3megapixel camera and a new keyboard design. The new keyboard is more like the one found on the Motorola Q than on previous BlackJack models. There are no more spaces between the keys on this new layout. I actually prefered the keyboard on the old BlackJack and didn’t care for the keyboard on the Q because of that space. I found it much easier to find the keys without looking at the keyboard. So it might take a little getting use to for some of us. It’s getting very hard to decide what my next device should be. I’m still lusting after the Propel Pro which was released a couple weeks back.

The Samsung Jack will be available on May 19th for $100 after a mail-in rebate and a 2 year contract.

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  • Remo

    Very curious if this device will also come to the European market later on !!

  • Darren Humphries

    Why in the world would Samsung allow Rogers to call the Blackjack ii the Jack??

    Anyway, looks like a nice one but I like the more organic look of the Snap.

  • MobileJaw

    AT&T Set to Release New Samsung Jack Smartphone:

    This past week, AT&T announced another Samsung smartphone..

  • MobileJaw

    AT&T Set to Release New Samsung Jack Smartphone:

    This past week, AT&T announced another Samsung smartphone..

  • Mike Temporale

    @Remo – I’m pretty sure it won’t make it’s way to Europe. Samsung is pretty firm at keeping their North American phones in North America and keeping their European phones in Europe.

    The Omnia is the only Samsung phone to make it across the pond. However, the North American version is CDMA while the European version is GSM. (and the North American version doesn’t include the needed frequency’s).

  • Mike Temporale

    @Darren – Good question. Here’s my understanding; When the original BlackJack was released on AT&T’s network, RIM had a great big hairy fit. They claimed that the device looked too much like a BlackBerry and even the name, BlackJack, was too close to BlackBerry and that people would be confused. Samsung and RIM settled out of court, so we don’t really know the outcome. However, word on the street was that Samsung could continue to use the BlackJack name on the current phone as well as the follow up device. They also agreed not to use the name outside of the US.

    So when Rogers decided to carry the phone they needed to come up with a different name, hence Jack. However, I don’t think anyone was looking forward to the point where AT&T could no longer use the BlackJack name.

    Such a crazy mess.

  • Tisha

    Hi Mike,

    If you have time, I’d like your opinion on the following for the Samsung i637:

    I would like to get rid of the AT&T animation on startup and shutdown and I can’t see why this wouldn’t work, but the author put a note of caution at the end of the article that this wouldn’t work on the Jack. I’m a bit chicken, but I really want to do this. Do you think I could do irreparable harm to my phone by trying? Thanks for any guidance/opinions you can offer!


  • Mike Temporale

    @Tisha – no worries. I’ll take a look and should be able to outline the correct procedure. Give me a day or so…. 😉