Pocketwit is Still the Best Twitter Client for Windows Mobile

MobileJaw-Pocketwit68-MenuLayoutMobileJaw-Pocketwit68-MainLayoutDesignWindows Mobile has had a hard time when it comes to good Twitter clients. There’s a short list of clients, and a even shorter list of clients worth installing. Pocketwit has been atop of that list for a while and the latest version has helped cement it’s position even more. With version 0.68 Pocketwit has added some really cool new features. The one that really caught my eye, is the fetching of images from TwitPic or other Twitter image hosting solutions. The image isn’t displayed inline, but when you tap on a tweet and select to follow the TwitPic link, instead of having IE Mobile pop up and waiting for the site to load, you instantly see the TwitPic image. Then you can choose to continue onto the TwitPic site if you really want.

Another really awesome addition, is the ability to email a Tweet. When you select “Email Status” you can pick which email account you want to send this message from and then you’re presented with a standard compose screen for email. I’ve just installed the latest version of Pocketwit and I’ve already used this feature a couple times.

As you use Pocketwit, it tracks the people you receive tweets from and then displays them in an auto-complete fashion when you’re typing a message. This is simply great when you’re on a mobile device and you’re trying to recall the exact spelling of someone’s account name. Not everyone’s address is as easy as MobileJaw. 😉

Of course, there’s always a little pain with changes. The first problem I’m having is that sending a tweet with a picture doesn’t seem to work. The tweet goes through, but not the image. I’ll have to play with this a little more and see what’s going on. But the bigger issue, at least in my opinion, is the menu layout. With the addition of Email Status, some things had to change in order to display everything on the menu. Unfortunately, the decision was to add a submenu for reply. That means, for me to reply to a tweet, I have to scroll to the right, then select “Respond To” and a new menu pops up. From here I select either “Reply To” or “Direct”. That’s a lot of clicking for a simple reply. I think it would be better to leave Direct and Reply as first level menu options and instead compile some of the lesser used items under a “Other”, “Continued” or even “More” menu item. I could easily have the Follow, Timeline, and Profile options moved to a submenu as they are used a lot less than Reply and Direct.

Even though I would like to see the menu layout changed, it’s really a small beef when you consider all the things you get by using Pocketwit. It’s still my Twitter client of choice for Windows Mobile devices. If you haven’t installed it yet, then give it a try. I think you’ll like what you find. You can download the latest version here.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/DarrenHumphries Darren Humphries

    There is already a version upgrade, 0.69. :) It’s only a minor one that fixes a couple bugs.

    Ya, I’ve tried a bunch of twitter clients as well and Pockettwit is the only viable option, really.

    For sending pics, you actually have to do it in two stages I think. You first either link the pic or capture one, then you click on the picture icon again to insert it where your cursor is. I guess the idea is that the link can then be positioned where you want.

    I agree about the need to change the menu layout a tiny bit. Options that are used most often should definitely be one click and at the top of the list.

    Great review, thanks Mike!

  • http://www.twitter.com/DarrenHumphries Darren Humphries

    BTW, the mapping feature is kind of cool!

  • http://twitter.com/mobilejaw/status/1412335285 MobileJaw

    Pocketwit is Still the Best Twitter Client for Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile has had a hard time when it comes .. http://tinyurl.com/csbsn8

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Looks like version 0.69 fixes the TwitPic issue. On the update notice, it states a fix for posting images on a Smartphone.

    I agree the mapping feature is pretty nice. It’s not something I would use on a regular basis, or anything. But it is fun to play with every now and then.

  • Marquis du Sabler

    I am actually not a big fan of PocketTwit, the best I think is Twikini…

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Twikini is a great app – I’ve posted my thoughts on it over here http://www.mobilejaw.com/reviews/2009/05/twikini-taking-a-look-at-a-new-twitter-client/

    But to be fair, PockeTwit does a lot more than Twikini does and it does them well – merging multiple accounts into one timeline, groups, searching, emailing, etc…

    The biggest issue with PockeTwit is how slow it is. Twikini is leaps and bounds faster.