Daylight Savings Time – How Did Your Devices Do?


Today we entered into Daylight Savings Time by moving our clocks forward by 1 hour. As a result, today is only 23 hours long and it’s a little brighter out for a littler longer. If you haven’t switching your clocks at this point, I strongly recommend you do it now before you’re late for work tomorrow – unless, of course, you live in some area that doesn’t observe daylight savings.

So the real question is; How did your devices handle the change? All of my devices switched without any problems. The only clocks I had to manually adjust are the dumb ones like the wall clock, stove, and microwave. What about your devices, did any of them fail to change, or perhaps they jumped more than 1 hour? Let us know!

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    Daylight Savings Time – How Did Your Devices Do?:

    Today we entered into Daylight Savings Time by moving our cl..

  • clintonfitchdotcom

    No problems here Mike on any device in the house. I did have to change the manual clocks around the house but even the one on my microwave changed automagically.

  • Jerry Raia

    Mine Devices did fine. I still can’t stand the ritual we go through twice a year of changing our clocks!

  • clintonfitchdotcom

    Amen to that Jerry!