AT&T Makes the Samsung Propel Pro Official

AT&T has announced the new Samsung Propel Pro smartphone will be available on their network in April. This new device is based on the popular Propel model but features Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard as it’s operating system. The silver and chrome slider smartphone sports a full QWERTY keyboard. Unlike the typical side – sliders we’ve seen in North America, the Propel Pro, like the Propel and Samsung i620 from Europe, slides down to reveal the keyboard. While we don’t have an official spec sheet at this time, so we can’t confirm if there is a GPS or not. It does appear that the Propel Pro has a 3.0 mega pixel camera and supports WiFi, both of which are noticeable in the pictures.


Looking closely at the pictures, it also appears that the Propel Pro could be the first Windows Mobile Standard device to break out of the 320×240 screen size. It’s clear that the screen is not the typical portrait layout (240×320) as it’s much to wide a handset with the keyboard. However, the screen appears to be longer than that of the BlackJack II. It’s also pretty clear that it’s not square as the height of the screen is noticeably more than the width. Perhaps we’re looking at a 320×400 screen?

I can’t wait to learn more about this new device. The bigger screen resolution and small footprint could make for interesting competition to HTCs Maple smartphone. The days are numbered for my BlackJack II. :)

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