Where is the SMTP Patch for BlackJack II Users?

Back in the middle of November, Microsoft released a patch for people having problems sending emails on Windows Mobile devices. As it turned out, there was a small bug that would prevent devices from being able to send email from a given account. You could be working just fine for days or months and then whammo! You would never be able to send email from that account again.

I had that very problem and was happy to see Microsoft release a fix that was simple enough to apply. The only problem, as some of you may recall, is that when I installed it I lost all my email accounts. Oh, and who can forget the sudden and forced reboot. As it turns out, the BlackJack II reacted differently than expected to this patch and after a small up-roar, Microsoft updated the site and clearly outlined that the patch doesn’t work on the BlackJack II but they are working with Samsung to resolve this certificate problem. That announcement is dated December 1st.

Two things that really disappoint me here – the first is how Microsoft can release a patch and not test it against their top selling phones first. The BlackJack II is one of the devices on the million+ seller list. To release a patch and not test it against the current devices on that list is short-sighted and shows a clear disregard for Microsoft’s partners and their customers.

The other thing that disappoints me about this is that Microsoft has done nothing for over 2 months. The original patch release date was on November 12th and the warning for BlackJack users was posted on December 1st. It’s now February 8th and there is no sign of any updates for BlackJack users. Again, this is one of their best selling handsets yet we’re still left out in the cold for a fix to a problem that by all accounts is nothing more than a certificate issue. Seems to me like a patch could have been corrected and released inside of a couple days. I’ll even give them 2 weeks because we all know how slow Microsoft has become over the last couple years. But there is no reason for this to still be outstanding 2 months later.

So Microsoft, what do I and the other million+ BlackJack II owners need to do to get this patch? If it would help speed things up, I can lend you my BlackJack II.

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    Where is the SMTP Patch for BlackJack II Users?: Back in the middle of November, Microsoft released a patch for .. http://tinyurl.com/d437st

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    RT @MobileJaw: Where is the SMTP Patch for BlackJack II Users?: Back in the middle of November, Microsoft … http://tinyurl.com/d437st


    You didn’t really expect them to actually do something in a timely fashion did you? (LOL!!!!!)
    Besides, it time for you to update to something new http://www.pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=1727
    Let’s just hope they have it fixed in the releases(I’m so funny sometimes it kills me)

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Yeah, I saw those pics, but I’m not sure what that offers over my current BlackJack II. Besides, i’m much more interested in the Propel Pro – http://www.pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=1687

    Regardless of what my next phone is, I need a fix for this stupid SMTP bug. :(


    If you don’t mind me asking, what settings are you using when you are on AT&T networks?

    I have two AT&T accounts using two different out going settings, without the patch and I have no issues

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    I’m not using the BJII on the AT&T network. I’m using it on Fido. However, it’s not a device side settings issue. It’s a bug in the code that allows carriers to provide an alternate SMTP service in case yours is not reachable.

    Here’s a quote from the Outlook Mobile page that explains it really well:

    This feature allows operators to specify an alternate server that can be used only when your device has a problem accessing your mail account’s SMTP directly. When can this happen? Some mail services, like those provided by ISPs, only allow access to their SMTP servers when you are directly on their network. With this feature, it’s supposed to be easier for end users to send mail on a Windows Mobile device.

    When the feature was shipped, a bug was introduced with it. If your operator doesn’t make use of the alternate SMTP server feature and you encounter an error reaching the SMTP server you specified when setting up the account, your account settings become corrupted. Ironically, the end result is you can’t send mail on that account after this happens- it’s not the operator’s fault, it’s ours.


    I have had a similar discussion with others and I suggested an alternate solution, but nobody replied to confirm weather the workaround was successful.
    The work around is as follows; connect to the Internet > minimize > download emails and while still connected to the Internet try to send an email. Normally when sending and receiving the connection can be drooped to conserve battery, but by marinating a constant connection, I was wondering weather the send and receive would remain stable

  • http://www.jerryraia.com Jerry Raia

    I have not experienced this “feature” yet. :)

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Jerry Raia – I think the reason that so many AT&T users don’t have this problem, is because AT&T correctly setup a secondary SMTP server. So if for any reason your device can’t connect to the correct SMTP server, it would use the AT&T server as expected. However, if that server doesn’t exist, this bug jumps up and bites you. Which is the problem that I, along with many others, are having. :(

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Bryan B – I always keep my data connection open. Between Pocketwit and Live Mesh, there’s always something going up and down the “wire”. ;)

    I just tried what you described and it didn’t help. It seems once the SMTP server gets screwed up, your done until you delete the account and recreate it.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Micorosoft still has not released a fix for the BlackJack II device. It’s not like this is one of the top selling devices or anything. :(

    I recommend anyone with a BlackJack II use the patch that Tracy and Matt posted – http://www.tracyandmatt.co.uk/blogs/index.php/2008/10/15/windows-mobile-smtp-fix