Looking for Spare Parts for your Device?

Over the years I’ve had to purchase many different parts for my devices. Sometimes it’s been the battery cover, or a cracked case, or even a new screen. The place I keep returning to is Cellular Nationwide Network – CNN for short. These guys have parts for almost any phone and I’m not just talking Windows Mobile devices. They also have parts for Blackberry’s, iPhones, and even those basic cell phones that the carrier gives away for free. If that wasn’t enough, you can even get parts for your Zune, iPod and gaming consoles like xbox 360, Playstation, and Wii!

If you’re gadget is in need of a little repair and it’s out of warranty, I suggest taking a look at these guys and see if they have the parts you need before you pay the high price of sending it back to the manufacturer for repair. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve used them a number of times and it’s always been exactly what I needed at a price that couldn’t be beat.

Happy Repairs! :)

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    That’s kinda neat. I didn’t know anyone actually sold replacement parts for gaming consoles – but it makes sense that they do.