Adjusting the Scroll Wheel Speed on Samsung BlackJack II

This has long been something that owners of the BlackJack II have complained about. The scroll wheel is a pretty good idea, but it takes too much to make it go around. One full rotation is required to move the highlighted item by 1 step. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done with the original BlackJack II.

However, if you have a BlackJack II that is running Windows Mobile 6.1, you’re in luck. First off, Samsung has addressed the speed issue from the get-go. Now, a quarter turn will move the highlighted item by 1. Which in turn means that 1 full rotation is the same as moving 4 places. There’s no interface for adjusting the speed of the scroll wheel, however, if you’re still looking for more from your scroll wheel there is a registry location that you can play around with.

Using your favorite registry editor, browse to HKLM / Software / Samsung / KeyRun. In this location you should see a entry called WheelSpeed with a value of 1. I changed this to a number of different values, but the only one that seemed to make a difference was 0 (Zero). No reboot is required after making the change. I simply closed the application and then relaunched it (You might even be able to skip that step, but I wanted to be sure). Now, with 1 full rotation, I can move 12 spots in the list. It’s not the same level of responsiveness as the i620, but it’s much better than before.

And for everyone that is wondering if they can put this setting on their BlackJack II running Windows Mobile 6; the answer is no. I did try that and there was no change on the device – that I noticed anyway.

Happy scrolling!

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  • edku822

    I have WM 6.1 and have the setting on the phone on high. Looked in the KeyRun and it was already set to 0, which moved 4 places on 1 full rotation. PreDefined is set to BCHMVW. Any ideas to get wheel to 12 places on 1 full rotation?