How To Display Artists on your Lock Screen while Listening to Music


Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Here’s one of those little things with Windows Phone that really makes me like using it day in and day out. When you’re listening to your favorite tunes, Windows Phone will swap out your lock screen image with pictures of the artist you’re listening too. […]

How To Setup Custom Ringtones on Windows Phone


Who doesn’t want to customize the ringtones on their smartphone? It’s always among the top things on my list when I pick up a new device – check the sounds that come with it, and get my favorites on it. In November of 2011, Microsoft released the Mango update for Windows Phone, which included this […]

Zune Music Service set to Launch in Canada!


Great news for Canadians with a Zune player, Windows Phone, Xbox, or even a PC – Microsoft’s Zune music service is set to launch in Canada. On October 3rd, the Zune Music Marketplace will open its doors to Canadians, providing access to more than 14 million tracks from major labels and indie artists. At the […]

Custom Ringtones Coming in the Next Version of Windows Phone


Something that I’ve complained about over and over again since the platform launched late last year, and I’m certain that many others have also complained about the same thing, is the lack of custom ringtones on the device. I have a number of different and unique ringtones that I like to use. Further, I know […]

Of Xbox on Windows Phone Issues, and Aretha Styled Dreams


Xbox and Xbox Live are the stuff of business legend. Dogged for years by reporters and analysts as a money hole, the product has become the poster child of what happens when a product team stays true to their vision and adapts with changes in an industry. It’s Microsoft’s iPod, their entertainment juggernaut. It understands […]

The One Thing Windows Phone Really Needs to Fix and Soon!


Too many times I have tapped on Marketplace and the tiles fly away and it starts to load, only to jump back to the Live Tiles. I try it again, and again, and again! Each time with no success. I can run any other application – email, messages, or Seesmic or Facebook . I can […]

Confused About Windows Phone 7 Features, Check the Availability Matrix


Windows Phone 7 launched last October/November in many countries around the world, but it’s not the same Windows Phone 7 in each country. Yes, the base OS is identical, but the services that back up those features are not available in some countries. To be a little more honest, those features are flat out missing […]

Browse for Windows Phone 7 apps from your Browser with Marketplace Browser

If you’ve got your hands on a Windows Phone 7 device, then I’m sure you’ve been busy searching in the marketplace. And you may have noticed that the on device search returns a lot of music, podcasts and videos instead of just apps. The new aims to help cut through the clutter by allowing […]

Talking with Windows Mobile at CntrStg


During CES, Senior Product Manager for Windows Mobile – Greg Sullivan, came out to CntrStg to talk to us in more detail about what Steve Ballmer showed off during his keynote a couple days earlier. Greg walked us through the new Netflix application that allows you to control and rank your downloads as well as […]

Zune 30 Freezing Around the World Today


I have an original Zune 30 that’s served me very well for the last couple years. This morning, I got into the car and plugged in my Zune to the power and auxiliary input on my car stereo only to have nothing happen. Upon closer examination I saw that the Zune was sitting on the […]