Aviary Brings Photo Editing SDK to Windows Phone


While one of the most common uses of mobile phones today is photo-taking, most applications that leverage a camera typically work from a “take-it-and-send-it” perspective. For those of us who are “photographically-challenged”, be it due to insufficient or poor photography skills (count me into the latter category), adding photo editing into an application workflow would […]

Microsoft to Preview Mango Update for Windows Phone


There’s a lot of buzz around the internet today as word began to spread about Microsoft’s plans for May 24th. That’s the day that Microsoft will pull back the curtain and show off the next release of Windows Phone. If you followed the MIX11 event, you’ll already know a lot about what to expect, at […]

Microsoft Kicks Off MIX with Fan Made Windows Phone Video


This week at MIX, a Microsoft event focusing on developers that are focused at creating content online, Microsoft kicked off the Windows Phone sessions with a fan-made video. We’ve talked about these before and how some of them became very popular. Well, Microsoft was listening and they asked Brandon Foy to create a fan video […]

Is Google Not Sharing YouTube Access with Windows Phone?


Here’s an interesting piece of news that I came across today. Microsoft is getting involved with the European Union’s antitrust investigate regarding Google. The claim from Microsoft is that Google is not sharing information with the Windows Phone team so they can build a more feature rich YouTube client for the Windows Phone platform. When […]

Microsoft Breaks its Silence Around Windows Phone Updates


After weeks of Windows Phone users wondering what’s going on with the pre-update, Microsoft has finally broken their silence and shared a little information about the process on the Windows blog. While they didn’t talk about the problems that have caused the delay of the pre-update, they did confirm that they have pushed back the […]

Does Microsoft Have What it Takes for Todays Mobile World?


Does Microsoft have what it takes to compete in the new mobile universe? Everyone is watching Microsoft as they attempt to push their new mobile platform to a dominant market share. The smallest mistake gets amplified quickly. Since Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7, they’ve been fighting an uphill batter to gain mindshare among the consumer […]

The One Thing Windows Phone Really Needs to Fix and Soon!


Too many times I have tapped on Marketplace and the tiles fly away and it starts to load, only to jump back to the Live Tiles. I try it again, and again, and again! Each time with no success. I can run any other application – email, messages, or Seesmic or Facebook . I can […]

Dell Venue Pro Coming to Rogers in Canada


Well, here’s some surprising news – BGR is reporting that the Dell Venue Pro will be coming to Rogers Wireless in Canada sometime next month. To date, the Venue Pro has proven to be an allusive phone and one with a few technical issues as well. Currently it’s only available on the T-Mobile network in […]

HTC HD7 Coming to Bell on February 10th


Bell Canada will be launching the HTC HD7 on February 10th at a steep price of $599.99. The HD7 will sport a 4.3 inch LCD – just like the incredibly popular HD2. The rest of the specs are very much what you would expect from the HD line of phones, and the Windows Phone minimum […]

Over 2 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold Since Launch


It seems like yesterday when Microsoft announced sales of Windows Phone 7 devices have surpassed the 1.5 million mark – In fact, that was at the end of December. Now, Microsoft is reporting that they have topped the 2 million mark and that things are going strong. While things are still in the early stages, […]