Amazing Free Wallpapers for your Windows Phone


We all like to customize our phones, change the ringtone, theme, and wallpaper. Well, Levi Freeman has posted some fantastic images for use as your lock screen wallpaper. His latest post has 8 stunning images that can be quickly downloaded by scanning the QR Code with Bing Vision (tap Search, and then tap the eye […]

How To Use Transparency on Windows Phone 7 Lock Screen


One of the things I really like about Windows Phone 7 is the lock screen, and this simple tweak makes it even cooler. The lock screen on Windows Phone supports transparency. At first that doesn’t sound like something you would want, so let me explain. When you hit the power button the lock screen image […]

Custom Windows Start Button Wallpaper on your Phone

Everyone loves to customize their phones in one way or another. Clinton Fitch has a tip on how to build your own custom Windows Start button wallpaper and then getting that on your phone. The end result looks pretty cool. The wallpaper is customized to your interests and then loaded up on your phone. I […]