Pocketwit is Still the Best Twitter Client for Windows Mobile


Windows Mobile has had a hard time when it comes to good Twitter clients. There’s a short list of clients, and a even shorter list of clients worth installing. Pocketwit has been atop of that list for a while and the latest version has helped cement it’s position even more. With version 0.68 Pocketwit has […]

CntrStg, CES 2009 and Twitter


I’ve written about CntrStg here in the past. This past week I’ve been down here in Vegas for CES and running CntrStg. It’s been such a busy weekend that I haven’t had a time to make any posts.  CntrStg was a huge success and we’re definitely looking to do it again and maybe even at […]

Finally An Excellent Twitter Client for Windows Mobile – Pocketwit


I’ve talked in the past about how there are no good Twitter clients for Windows Mobile, especially on the Standard or Non-Touch Screen devices. That’s all changed thanks to Pocketwit. This is hands down, the best Twitter client I have seen. The user interface is unique and stylish, yet still very easy to use. It […]

Trying to Go Mobile with Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for the last couple months as a good quick way to stay in touch with friends and to provide quick updates about what in the world I’m doing. I started out using a Windows Mobile app called TinyTwitter that would allow me to read and post from my account. But I’ve […]