A Look at Twitter’s Official Metro-Styled Client for Windows 8


It’s been about almost 5 months since Microsoft released Windows 8 to the world. And that’s doesn’t include the pre-release / beta availability that developers and MSDN subscribers had access to for months and months before general release. Regardless, Twitter has finally managed to release a native Metro-styled app for Windows 8 users. With Twitter’s […]

The Long Awaited Carbon Twitter Client Finally Hits Marketplace

After more than a couple hurdles, Carbon has finally arrived in the marketplace for Windows Phone. Back in the start of December when I reviewed the final release candidate, the guys behind Carbon expected to have it published before the end of the year. Sadly, a number of issues got in the way, not the least […]

How To Use Speech to Control your Windows Phone


An often overlooked feature in Windows Phone (Mango) is the powerful speech engine. This comes built into the phone, and can do some really great things. You can quickly call contacts, launch installed applications, search Bing, or even compose and send text messages. In some ways, I consider it to be better than Apple’s Siri, […]

Tweeting From Carbon for Windows Phone


Got Windows Phone? Then you’ve got Twitter built right in. So why would you want a stand alone app that’s dedicated to Twitter? The answer is pretty obvious once you start using a really good Twitter client – enter Carbon. I’ve been lucky enough to have access to early beta versions of Carbon and provide […]

MWC 2011: Microsoft Shares New Features and Future Direction for Windows Phone


During the keynote at Mobile World Congress today, Steve Ballmer talked about where Windows Phone is today, and then shed some light on what features we can expect over the course of 2011. The first item on the list is the pending Copy & Paste update – according to Steve, we can expect that in […]

Christmas Giveaway! Palm Pre 2 plus Accessories!


The good people at Palm (err…HP) have sent us a Palm Pre 2 to give to one of our readers, something we are more than happy to do! The winner will receive a brand new Palm Pre 2, a touchstone charger and a very nice leather case. Be sure to follow our Palm Pre 2 […]

How to Send Google Buzz Posts to Twitter


As I am sure you all know Google has just released their latest project into the wilds; Google Buzz. Buzz looks to be an interesting service that is somewhere between facebook and twitter. Who knows if it will be the social network of the decade, but I’m jumping in to try it out. One obvious […]

Twikini Updated and Reviewed


I’ve talked about Twitter clients a fair amount around here, including a review of the beta version of Twikini back in May. Since that post, Twikini has seen a couple of releases and there’s another release coming up really soon that adds support for posting a link to your exact location using Google Maps. In […]

Mobile Twitter – The PockeTwit Way


PockeTwit is one of the more popular Twitter clients for Windows Mobile devices. I’ve written about this app a couple times in the past and the developers keep making it better and better and adding more and more features. So it’s worth a re-visit. PockeTwit works on both touch and non-touch screen devices. When looking […]

Twikini – Taking a Look at a New Twitter Client


Do you tweet? Are you looking to tweet from your Windows Mobile device? You can always go direct and use Twitters mobile site – http://m.twitter.com, but today’s crop of applications offer a lot more than the basic web experience that Twitter offers. Over the next couple days I’m going to take an look at a […]