Will the CRTC’s New Wireless Code Force Customers to Pay More for Devices?


With the CRTC making changes to the wireless code in Canada, more than a few carriers remarked that these changes could result in more expensive devices. They can no longer spread the price of the phone over 3 years, so they’re saying you will have to pay more up front to offset that lost year. […]

Nokia Lumia 520 is Now Available in Canada

NOKIA CANADA - The Nokia Lumia 520 now available in Canada

Nokia has announced the availability of their new Lumia 520 Smartphone. The is an affordable device and will be available on 3 carriers in Canada. You can pick it up from Rogers today, Koodo starting on May 9th, and Telus starting on May 17th. What makes the 520 special? Well, it offers a 5 mega-pixel […]

Review – Hands On with the Samsung ATIV S from Rogers


The Samsung ATIV S is the latest smartphone from Samsung running Windows Phone 8. And just like their previous Windows Phone powered devices, the ATIV S brings new specs and features to the platform, like how incredibly thin the device is, its massive screen, and then there’s the addition of expandable storage. Is that enough […]

A Look at the Nokia Lumia 920 – Dressed to Impress


Nokia announced the Lumia 920 as their flagship Windows Phone back in September, and Rogers started shipping the device the day after Microsoft officially revealed Windows Phone 8. With new and innovative features, many are looking at the Lumia 920 as the hot new phone. I’ve gone hands on with the 920 over the holidays […]

Rogers Brings Color Choice to Nokia Lumia 920 Stock


If you’ve been looking at purchasing the Lumia 920, but wanted something a little more flashy than the plain old black that Rogers currently stocks, then you’re sure to be excited by this news. Rogers has announced that they will be offering the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone in red, white, and yellow. The new color […]

Nokia Lumia 920 on Rogers Starts Receiving Windows Phone Update


A new update for Nokia’s Lumia 920 has started to make it’s way to Roger’s devices. The update brings enhancements in messaging, more efficient and reliable Bluetooth, more efficient and reliable start-up sequence, enhancements to imaging performance and battery management, and various other platform updates and enhancements. Your phone should notify you when the update […]

Reserve Your BlackBerry 10 Device on Rogers Starting Today


Rogers has announced that starting today, existing customers can reserve RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 device using their reservation system. Very little has actually been confirmed by RIM about the upcoming device. We do know that it is a touch screen only device, features LTE, and has an enhanced touch screen keyboard that allows for fast […]

Nokia Could Learn a Thing or Two from Google and The Nexus Line of Phones


Back at the start of September Nokia announced their new Lumia 920 smartphone. It’s been called the only true innovative smartphone on the market today, and that’s because of the unique and awesome wireless charging, the incredible camera with real optical image stabilization, a larger screen and even 4G. I haven’t even mentioned the amazing […]

Rogers & CIBC Kick Off Secure Mobile Payments


Rounding out the week, Rogers and CIBC celebrated the first mobile NFC based payment in Canada. Simon Whitfield, the Olympic triathlon super champion, joined Rogers and CIBC to make the first mobile payment a reality, at a truly Canadian location – Tim Horton’s. Starting on November 16th, the CIBC Mobile Payment app will be available […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Available Starting Today on Rogers


Rogers is now the first carrier to launch the amazing Nokia Lumia 920 powered by Windows Phone 8. Available starting today for $99 on a 3 year contract or $549 if purchased outright,  the Lumia 920 is the premier Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia and is packed with some pretty amazing features. Besides the […]