Reserve Your BlackBerry 10 Device on Rogers Starting Today


Rogers has announced that starting today, existing customers can reserve RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 device using their reservation system. Very little has actually been confirmed by RIM about the upcoming device. We do know that it is a touch screen only device, features LTE, and has an enhanced touch screen keyboard that allows for fast […]

Android Market Share Explodes as RIM, Nokia, and Microsoft Stumble

According to a Canalys report issued on August 1st, Android market share has exploded over the last year, and now is the leading mobile platform in 35 out of the 56 countries that Canalys tracks. Mobile shipments now exceed 107.7 million units, a growth of 73% over last year. The total number of Android based […]

Smartphone Market is Now Larger Than Computer Market

We all knew this day would come at some point, although many didn’t expect it this soon. According to IDC, there was more smartphones sold in the forth quarter of 2010 than PC sales. Computes sold 92 million units while smartphones exceeded that by an additional 9 million units reaching 101 million smartphones sold. In […]

Microsoft Employees Celebrate the Release of Windows Phone 7


News broke late last week that Microsoft was celebrating the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of Windows Phone 7 with a mock funeral parade for Apple and RIM. While some are apprehensive about this, even going as far to say that this will come back and bite Microsoft and it’s a PR nightmare. While the latter […]

Rogers is On Fire! Many New Phones Announced


Rogers is pulling out all the stops with great new devices coming out! In the last week they have announced that the following are either available or coming soon: Apple iPhone 4 – Well, we all knew this was coming but for those that are fans, nice to see if it here. The iPhone 4 […]

The Dominant Mobile OS in 3 Years Will Be…

Every now and then a new forecast will be released that claims some sort of radical change in the overall market share of product X will occur in the next 3, 4, or 5 years. The latest Gartner study fits perfectly into that template. Gartner is saying that Google’s Android OS will rocket to second […]

Where Are All the Flipping Smartphones?


When you look around at the type of mobile phone that the average person is using you’ll notice that the majority of phones are flip based. I’m talking about the average person like your mother, Aunt, Cousin, Grandparents, etc… Not the techno-geeks or early adapters. Just the average Joe and their phone. They’re typically cheap […]

Motorola Accuses RIM of Poaching Employees

It seems like Motorola is having a pretty hard time as of late. Not only are the feeling the pressure of increased competition in the mobile phone space, but now they are also having to deal with Research In Motion poaching key employees. Motorola claims that RIM has targeted 40 employees who can’t work for […]

Microsoft & RIM Announce Live Search for BlackBerry Devices

Today Microsoft and RIM announced that they are working together to integrate Live Search into RIM’s popular BlackBerry devices. Research in Motion still has the dominate share of the mobile market, despite the success of Apple’s iPhone which comes pre-loaded with Google’s search functionality on the device. Google has already displayed it’s Android mobile OS […]