Congratulations to Maria B, winner of a Palm Pre 2

Congratulations to the winner of our Palm Pre 2 giveaway!! Maria B. from BC was able to, with my help, answer our skill testing question (2+1) and met all other requirements for the contest. The Palm Pre 2 was shipped to her and she will be enjoying it soon. Congrats, Maria B!!! Thanks go out […]

Review: Palm Pre 2 from Rogers


Palm’s latest reboot of the venerable Pre is the Pre 2. I would have said “obviously the Pre 2” but it isn’t so obvious. First there was the Pre, then the Pre Plus and now the Pre 2. With math skills like that it’s no wonder Palm hasn’t made any money! (sorry Palm, I jest) […]

Christmas Giveaway! Palm Pre 2 plus Accessories!


The good people at Palm (err…HP) have sent us a Palm Pre 2 to give to one of our readers, something we are more than happy to do! The winner will receive a brand new Palm Pre 2, a touchstone charger and a very nice leather case. Be sure to follow our Palm Pre 2 […]

Palm Pre 2 from…Rogers? Yes sir!

Palm Pre 2

On Friday I received a long awaited review unit for the Palm Pre 2. I’ve been wanted to get my hands on one of these ever since hearing about it, as I have loved using my Palm Pre (original). Now, I know a lot of people wonder why Palm bothered with a phone that is […]

Budget Smartphones: Comparing Cameras


In a little bit I will be putting together a comparison of two low end smartphones; the Nokia 5230 and Palm Pre. The Nokia 5230 sells for just $180 with no contract on the WIND Mobile network and the Palm Pre for $299 on the Bell network. I was actually going to include the HTC […]

Got me Some Palm Pre!


Have you had a chance to use a Palm Pre or Pixi? Well, be careful if you do; you may just like it. The Palm Pre has been out for quite a while now but despite that I had not had a chance to actually use it.  Like many of you I had only seen […]

HP Announces Intent to Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion

HP announced today that they have entered into an agreement to purchase Palm, pending regulatory approval. The deal is valued at approximately $1.2 billion and has been approved by both Palm and HP boards of directors and is expected to close in HP’s 3rd quarter ending in July 2010. While this sounds like a great […]

Question: If Palm Brings the Heat…


Palm is in a fight for its life. Not only is Palm not making profit but it can’t find a buyer (yet?). Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein thinks they can still go it alone, which they may have to do with a valuation still topping $1 billion (for some strange reason). We’ll have to see how […]

Palm, You’ll Be Missed


I hate to say “I told you so”. Actually, in this case I really do hate to say it. Palm is going down the toilet. I’m certainly not on my own in writing doom and gloom on Palm. It certainly seems that something will need to change in a very large way for Palm to […]

Palm Rubbing Their Palms in Their Eyes


Palm’s latest results are in and it doesn’t look great. Link to “Non-GAAP Adjusted Revenues in the second quarter totaled $302.0 million, non-GAAP Adjusted Gross Profit was $77.3 million and non-GAAP Adjusted Gross Margin was 25.6 percent.” “The company shipped a total of 783,000 smartphone units during the quarter, representing a 5 percent decrease […]