New Simplier Approach to Disable Read-Only Network Settings on BlackJack II


A couple months ago I published an article that details the steps required to remove the network settings lock that has been turned on by AT&T with their Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM update for the BlackJack II (and PanTech Dual – if it’s ever released). The steps require you to application unlock the phone and […]

How To Unlock GPRS Settings on BlackJack II with Windows Mobile 6.1

Now that Samsung has made the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM upgrade official for the BlackJack II, I should take a minute and remind everyone about the post I made a while back that helps you to unlock the carrier networks settings. This is a new feature that was added to Windows Mobile 6.1 by special […]

Easily Manage Multiple Network Data Settings on Windows Mobile


One of the great appeals of a GSM device is the ability to swap SIM cards and as a result, networks. As an example, I have a Samsung BlackJack II from AT&T running on Fido’s network. When I travel to the US, I just pull out my Fido SIM and put in my AT&T SIM […]

New Network Settings Lock on Windows Mobile 6.1 Devices


Windows Mobile 6.1 adds a new level of locking to your device. Along side the standard Carrier lock, SIM lock, and Application lock, you will now find a lock for the carriers data network settings. This lock prevents you from modifying the carriers pre-loaded data settings. Why would anyone want to lock those settings? The […]