MWC 2011: Sony Ericsson Launches the Xperia PLAY Coming to Rogers


Sony Ericsson has announced the long rumored Xperia PLAY smartphone, and along side they have also announced the Xperia arc smartphone. If you’ve been keeping up on all the talk going around as of late, then you should already have a good idea about the Xperia PLAY. It’s an Android 2.3 based device with 5 […]

MWC 2011: HTC Delivers the First Facebook Phones


Do you Facebook? With over 200 million Facebook users, HTC is betting that some may be interested in a Facebook connected smartphone, and to satisfy that need, they have released 2 devices with a dedicated Facebook button for quick and easy access. The first device – called “HTC Cha Cha”, is typical messenger style device […]

MWC 2011: HTC Unveils Flyer–First Tablet with HTC Sense


HTC pulled the cover  off their all new tablet – the HTC Flyer featuring HTC’s Sense today at Mobile World Congress. HTC is yet another company adding an Android based tablet to their device line up. However, the Flyer brings HTC’s special sauce to the table – The Sense UI. They’ve also added a special […]

MWC 2011: Microsoft Shares New Features and Future Direction for Windows Phone


During the keynote at Mobile World Congress today, Steve Ballmer talked about where Windows Phone is today, and then shed some light on what features we can expect over the course of 2011. The first item on the list is the pending Copy & Paste update – according to Steve, we can expect that in […]