HTC Announces Legend, Desire and Mini


At Mobile World Congress today, HTC announced 3 new devices based on Windows Mobile and Android operating systems. The HTC Mini is based on Windows Mobile 6.5 and brings the experience of the HD2 to a smaller footprint. The HD2 experience is truly something special. If HTC can make this into a smaller device, it […]

Windows Phone 7 Announced by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress


The mobile world has been buzzing with talk about the future of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system. After stumbling the last couple of years and allowing new comers like Google  and Apple to capture a significant portion of the mobile market, all eye’s were on Microsoft. They really need to pull an ace out or […]

Microsoft has a Story to Tell at Mobile World Congress


There’s been a buck-load of rumors floating around about the future of Windows Phone and what Microsoft will or won’t be announcing at the upcoming Mobile World Congress next month. I’ve read everything from Windows Mobile 6.5.3, to Windows Mobile 7, to Pink, to Zune Phone, and beyond. I think it’s clear to say that […]

Samsung Adds New Valencia Device to Line Up


Samsung has announced a new messenger style device called “Valencia” that will be running Windows Mobile 6.5. This new device will sport a 393 MHz processor with 128MB RAM / 128MB ROM, a 320 x 240 non-touch screen, Tri-band GSM with GPRS, Edge, UMTS, 3G, and HSDPA. There’s a small 20MB internal storage along with […]

LG Makes a Serious Commitment to Windows Mobile


Today at Mobile World Congress, LG announced their support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile in a strong way. LG will make Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system the primary operating system for their smartphone devices. Over the next 4 years, LG will produce 50 different mobile devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system. The bulk of […]

Microsoft Takes the Wraps off Windows Mobile 6.5


Today at Mobile World Congress, Microsoft has revealed the next version of their mobile operating system – Windows Mobile 6.5. The user experience in Windows Mobile 6.5 has changed significantly from past versions. From the lock screen you will be able to see your next meeting information along with quickly accessing voicemail, text messages, email, […]