Zooming in on the Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone – The 41 Megapixel Camera Phone


Nokia has long been known for building solid devices and ground bundling it with ground breaking technology. When they announced a partnership with Microsoft and that they will begin to sell smartphones powered by Windows Phone, many of us expected some earth shattering devices to hit the market. While the first round of devices managed […]

Fixing the “Something’s Gone Very Wrong” Error on Windows Phone App for Desktop


Let me start out by saying that I am a fan of the older Zune desktop application. I get that times change and this is the new way to sync, and that’s fine. But the Zune desktop software is simply a great app for managing your music collection. From building playlists to updating album art […]

What’s New in the Latest Update for Windows Phone 8


Got a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8? In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a new update coming your way some time in the coming weeks. According to Nokia, they expect it to be rolling out to everyone by the end of September. So if you don’t have it yet, you should soon. Once […]

Microsoft’s Phone Storage vs Nokia’s Storage Check


Nokia has done a great job of adding custom applications to their Lumia line of Windows Phones. Sometimes the apps are developed by Nokia directly, and other times the apps are from third party vendors that have come to some agreement with Nokia so that their application shows in the “Nokia Collection” part of the Store. […]

Microsoft’s Newest Windows Phone Ad – Don’t Fight. Switch


Microsoft has turned over a new leaf for their Windows Phone ads. The latest ad takes a wedding theme where half of the attendees are using Apple devices, and the other half are using Android. In quick order things escalate beyond hurling insults back and forth, and a full on fight ensues. Through all of […]

Microsoft Demo’s Powerful Improvements to the Bing Speech Engine


In the past I’ve talked about the awesome speech engine in Windows Phone. Not only does it read out your text messages, but it even allows you to create or reply to text messages without touching your phone. Beyond that, you can also use speech on various apps and on search. I use this feature […]

A Look at Twitter’s Official Metro-Styled Client for Windows 8


It’s been about almost 5 months since Microsoft released Windows 8 to the world. And that’s doesn’t include the pre-release / beta availability that developers and MSDN subscribers had access to for months and months before general release. Regardless, Twitter has finally managed to release a native Metro-styled app for Windows 8 users. With Twitter’s […]

How-To: Taking Screen Shots on the Surface Pro & RT


With regular old Windows, there are plenty of ways to do screen captures. From the simple Print Screen key for the whole screen, other key combinations for windows and applications in focus, or the use of any of the great 3rd party applications. But with the new Metro applications? If you’re running Windows 8/RT Metro […]

How To Remove that Annoying “ENG” Key from your Windows Phone Keyboard


Here’s a handy tip for anyone that’s picked up a Windows Phone and finds themselves frustrated by the extra “ENG” key on the keyboard. For some, it might show a different 3 letter abbreviation. Basically, it’s you’re language button that allows you to easily switch between keyboards while typing. It sits on the bottom row […]

Review – Hands On with the Samsung ATIV S from Rogers


The Samsung ATIV S is the latest smartphone from Samsung running Windows Phone 8. And just like their previous Windows Phone powered devices, the ATIV S brings new specs and features to the platform, like how incredibly thin the device is, its massive screen, and then there’s the addition of expandable storage. Is that enough […]