Review – Sprint LG Optimus G


  LG known is well known for making high-end phones and was recently tapped to manufacture Google’s latest Nexus 4 phone. The “halo device” in LG’s Android lineup is Sprint‘s version of the LG Optimus G . This flagship phone features many new technologies as any halo device should. The display is a 4.7 inch […]

Rogers Launches the New LG Optimus Pad with Android 3.0


The tablet space it really heating up as of late and LG doesn’t want to be left out of the game. Last week they launched the new Optimus Pad with a 8.9 inch display, running the latest version of Google’s Android and the only official tablet version of the operating system – Android 3.0. The […]

Specs for T-Mobile LG G-Slate Released


Last month at CES, LG and T-Mobile briefly showed off the new G-Slate but were a little hush-hush about the features and specs of the new slate. Early this morning all the gory details were released. Here’s what you can expect from the new G-Slate coming to T-Mobile in the spring. The first thing that […]

Bell Mobility Launches the Affordable LG Optimus Chic


The Optimus Chic is the latest addition to LG’s Optimus line of devices and is exclusively available on Bell Mobility’s network. Position as an entry level smartphone, the Chic is available for $0 on a 3 year contract, or $250 without a contract. It’s powered by Android 2.2 and has a 5 megapixel rear facing […]

CES 2011: LG Optimus 2x – First and Fastest Dual Core Smartphone


Technically, this was announced around the middle of December, but things were far too busy then so I didn’t have a chance to pay this the attention it deserves. While at CES, I had a chance to play with the Optimus 2x, and it’s a pretty amazing phone. It’s going to be released with Android […]

CES 2011: LG Announces the Worlds Thinnest Smartphone – Optimus Black


How thin is too thin? I never thought it would be a question I would have to worry about when it comes to my cell phone. Does everyone remember the days when cell phones were the size of bricks? Maybe you didn’t have one of those, but I’m sure your first cell phone was thicker […]

CES 2011: Windows Phone Sales Better Than Expected Says LG

Yesterday during my conversation with LG, they confirmed that the sales of their Windows Phone devices have been strong and “better than expected”. Further, of the two models available in Canada, the Quantum (Bell) and Optimus 7 (Telus), the non-keyboard Optimus 7 has seen greater sales than the QWERTY enabled Quantum. There is no indication […]

CES 2011: LG and T-Mobile Announce G-Slate Tablet Powered by Android 3.0

Tablets are the hot topic at CES this year. Yes, 3D TVs are still being talked about, but tablets have taken over top spot from what I’m seeing. Not much of a surprise there. T-Mobile has announced their new tablet will be called the G-Slate and it manufactured by LG. The G-Slate will be part […]

VMware Going Mobile with Virtualization

Virtualization has exploded in the server and desktop market and now it’s set to explode in the mobile space as well. VMware has teamed up with LG to allow virtualization on your Android smartphones. The devices will run two separate and secure environments, one for business use and another for personal use. The mobile virtualization […]

Getting a Grip on the Keyboard Enabled LG Quantum Windows Phone


The LG Optimus Quantum smartphone is the only Windows Phone 7 device that sports a keyboard. At least the only one released here in Canada with a keyboard. The design of the Quantum is very typical of previous Windows Phone/Mobile devices with keyboards. It’s a side-slider, meaning the keyboard slides out to the side and […]