Inno-In Kaya Folio Case for the Apple iPad

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 8.57.58 PM

Inno-In (Innovative Inception) is a relatively new company on the case scene. This is the first case I’ve reviewed from them. Given that Folio style cases are quite popular for the iPad, I was curious to check out the Kaya case to see what Inno-In had to offer. This case sells for 20 GBP or […]

TheHiShop Caseworks Case for iPad 2 and “The new iPad”

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 2.52.08 PM

I have reviewed a few of The HiShop products before and I’ve found them to usually be a good value and quality products. However, imagine my surprise when I came across the Caseworks Case for the iPad 2 and the new iPad which costs only $7. Yep, $7. That is not a typo. My thought […]

Spigen SGP Hardbook S case for New iPad and iPad 2

Spigen SGP Hardbook S

Those of you who know me will know that Spigen SGP is one of my favorite case companies. They’ve developed a reputation for making good quality products that rarely disappoint. Today we’ll be looking at the Hardbook S case for the New iPad. The Hardbook S is a folio style case that resembles an book […]

Crash Tested and Approved – ProClip’s Rear Seat Tablet Mount Solutions


ProClip, makers of in-vehicle device mounting solutions, have just announced that their rear seat mounts have passed the most stringent USA and EU automotive industry standards. That means, if you’re looking to outfit the kids with a way to watch video’s on the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook, or Xoom, you can rest assured that ProClips […]

AlliOSNews Goes In-Depth on MLB at Bat 2011 for iPad


“The main display of the Game Day screen will be the batter and the live game action in a display box opposite of the batter.  Here you will see the pitches thrown along with the type of pitch it was (slider, fastball, curve, etc) and the velocity of that pitch.   Below that you will see […]

Apple iPad Case Review and Comparison


“It has been almost four months since I woke up in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, drove to the only Apple Store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that had an iPad in stock, and purchased it. I was skeptical of how much I would use it at first but quickly found it becoming […]

ProClip Announces Availability of Mounts for iPad


ProClip has been fast at work on creating an iPad mount for their popular device mounting solution. They have created 3 different mounts for the iPad. The first mount is a holder with a tilt swivel allowing you to move and rotate the iPad while it’s in the mount. The second and third are a […]

All iPad Competitors will Fail – Really?

“The Apple iPad sure has the entire world interested in what it can do.  I’ve had everyone from managers and directors at the office (including the Chief Medical Information Officer at the hospital where I used to work) ask me what it was, if it was for them, and why they should buy one. Those […]

Given the Choice Between an iPad and…

With the release of the iPad this weekend I got thinking about whether I could actually use one or not.  I certainly would love to have one but there’s that whole cost-justification thing to get around.  My decision (or rather, my wallet’s decision) was to not get an iPad and to freely cry into my […]

iPad Hype is Going Strong

You have to hand it to Apple. When the iPad was announced, it was taken with mediocre reviews. Some people thought it was going to be amazing, but a lot of people were unsure about where it fit in and if it was even that big a deal. Apple still managed to drive the hype […]