SMS Phishing Exploit Found on Android


There’s a new security vulnerability in the Android world. This one focuses on fake SMS messages that can trick you into sharing information. An associate professor at NC State University, came across this while working on a research project focused on smartphones. Basically, any nefarious application could display  a SMS notification on the device and […]

FTC Looking into Anti-Trust Allegations Against Google


“Don’t be evil” – The informal corporate motto from Google might just be coming back to bite them. The initial thought may have been to focus the company on honest decision making and a anti-cheating behavior, but that might just be part of the past now. The Federal Trade Commission believes that an antitrust case […]

Samsung’s New Galaxy Camera – powered by Android


Samsung has announced their latest point and shoot camera. Oh, and by the way, it’s also running the latest version of Android – Jelly Bean 4.1. Featuring a 21x optical zoom, 23mm aperture lens, 16 megapixel sensor, large 4.8” screen, 8GB of internal memory plus support for MicroSD memory for all your picture taking needs. […]

How To: Taking Screen Captures on the Galaxy Nexus


In the past, screen captures on Android have meant rooting the device. Some devices had special key combinations that would allow for a screen capture. Google just didn’t include this as part of the operating system, so some devices would do it and others not.  For the devices that you could do screen captures on, […]

Android Market Share Explodes as RIM, Nokia, and Microsoft Stumble

According to a Canalys report issued on August 1st, Android market share has exploded over the last year, and now is the leading mobile platform in 35 out of the 56 countries that Canalys tracks. Mobile shipments now exceed 107.7 million units, a growth of 73% over last year. The total number of Android based […]

Security Concerns Around Androids Backup

There are settings that should be backed up to the cloud and there are settings that should not be backed up. With Android, it’s all or nothing, and the worst part is that you don’t know what “all” contains. On Android, if you look under Settings / Privacy, you’ll find an option called “Backup my […]

Malware Problems Return to Android Market


Things have taken a not-so-rosey turn for Android this week. The popular mobile platform from Google is powering a growing number of mobile devices. As Microsoft found at many years ago, along with that success comes virus and malware. The latest to hit Android is a malware app called DroidDreamLight and it’s just as bad […]

Rogers Launches the New LG Optimus Pad with Android 3.0


The tablet space it really heating up as of late and LG doesn’t want to be left out of the game. Last week they launched the new Optimus Pad with a 8.9 inch display, running the latest version of Google’s Android and the only official tablet version of the operating system – Android 3.0. The […]

Reviewing the Samsung Nexus S with Pure Android


Samsung’s Nexus S smartphone is truly a one-of-a-kind device. As more Android devices poor on to the shelves, this device stands out as a pure Google experience. The hardware is all Samsung, but internally, there’s nothing added by Samsung, other than device drivers. The UI, and experience is all Google, like it or not. Recently […]

Samsung and Future Shop Launch the Nexus S


Samsung and Future Shop took to the streets of Toronto earlier today to celebrate the launch of Samsung’s Nexus S exclusively available from Future Shop. If you found yourself around Yonge and Dundas Square or even over by Union Station, you may have noticed people with white shirts displaying the Nexus S on the back. […]