HTC to Unlock the Bootloader on Future Android Devices


HTC has announced a small but critical change in direction. Until now, Android based phones from HTC have a locked bootloader. For the average person, this doesn’t really matter. However, for the hacking community (and that’s hacking in the good sense), this can make things very difficult. A locked bootloader will prevent you from mod’ing […]

MWC 2011: HTC Delivers the First Facebook Phones


Do you Facebook? With over 200 million Facebook users, HTC is betting that some may be interested in a Facebook connected smartphone, and to satisfy that need, they have released 2 devices with a dedicated Facebook button for quick and easy access. The first device – called “HTC Cha Cha”, is typical messenger style device […]

Christmas Giveaway! Palm Pre 2 plus Accessories!


The good people at Palm (err…HP) have sent us a Palm Pre 2 to give to one of our readers, something we are more than happy to do! The winner will receive a brand new Palm Pre 2, a touchstone charger and a very nice leather case. Be sure to follow our Palm Pre 2 […]

How To Add Multiple Accounts in Windows Phone 7

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is bringing everything that matters to you, together in one place. This means you can pull your Facebook friends into your phone, along with your personal contacts from Windows Live or Gmail. There’s no limit, at least none that I have found, to the number of accounts you can add. […]