Exploring the LG Eve Smartphone


I recently got my hands on the LG Eve (GW620R), an Android based smartphone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. While it was hard to do, I put the HTC HD2 down and decided to make the Eve my primary device for a little while. The Eve is not a Nexus One, Desire, or even […]

How To Hard Reset an Android Phone


If you have an Android phone you may at some point want to hard reset, or completely wipe out the phone to start from scratch. Why would you want to reset? Well, you may want to start again with a fresh install or are having a problem with an installed app. You may have bought […]

First Look: LG Eve, Android for Everyone


The LG Eve, available on Rogers in Canada is a new Android Smartphone being offered for just $49.99 on a 3 year contract. I have been given the chance to use an LG Eve (you can call it the “GW620R” if you feel the inexplicable need) for a bit and will be posting some thoughts […]