SDK for Windows Phone 8 is Now Available


Great news for all the mobile developers out there that have been waiting patiently, and even for those that haven’t been so patient. At the Build 2012 conference today, Microsoft has officially released the software development kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8. The SDK provides developers with the tools required to develop apps and games […]

Windows Phone 8 and Some Developer Musings


This past week, Microsoft finally began to lift the proverbial covers off of the next version of their Windows Phone operating system in Windows Phone 8.While the presentation around Windows Phone 8, made at Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit event in San Francisco, was anticipated by a number of audiences, the majority of the messages made […]

June SHOULD Be A Month of Answers For Windows Phone


This month marks a special time for Microsoft with regards to Windows Phone. There are two events slated for June that will provide an excellent stage for Microsoft to answer some frequently-asked questions around the next release of Windows Phone (for now, we will stick with “Windows Phone 8″ here, but even the branding is […]

Microsoft Opens Windows Phone Summit Registration… Sort Of


Back in May, Microsoft announced The Windows Phone Developer Summit for June. Originally scheduled as a multi-day event, the summit has now been reduced to a single day – June 20th. Some other notable changes around the event include – The event name has dropped the “Developer” reference.  This could be due in part to […]

Aviary Brings Photo Editing SDK to Windows Phone


While one of the most common uses of mobile phones today is photo-taking, most applications that leverage a camera typically work from a “take-it-and-send-it” perspective. For those of us who are “photographically-challenged”, be it due to insufficient or poor photography skills (count me into the latter category), adding photo editing into an application workflow would […]

Homebrew: Create More Powerful Apps with WP7 Root Tools


Heathcliff74 is well known among the homebrew community for his many contributions. This time, he has released WP7 Root Tools and an SDK to allow developers to create more powerful homebrew applications. Please keep in mind, these apps will not be found in the Marketplace on the device. If you don’t consider yourself a techie, […]

Telerik Releases Live Tile Controls for Windows Phone Developers


With the latest release from Telerik, they have added something called RadHubTile that allows developers to extend their apps to the Windows Phone 7 Home Screen with very little work. By using these new classes, you can quickly create a Tile, Mosaic Tile, Slide Tile, Picture Rotator Tile, and a Custom Tile. All of these […]

Windows Phone Developers – Update Your Apps Please


“As I’m sure you are aware, Microsoft and the respective carriers throughout the world have completed the rollout of the latest update to Windows Phone, version 7.5 or “Mango”.  This update brings a host of new features and functionality to the platform including multitasking, improved live tile support and overall user functionality improvements.  It’s a […]

How To Deploy XAP Files to a Windows Phone Device


XAP files are the modern version of the CAB files we used to have back in the Windows Mobile days. Basically, a XAP file is the complied installation file for a Silverlight application. Typically, you would never need to copy this to your device, as you would simply download the application directly from the marketplace. […]

Windows Phone Developers Get Mango Access


If you’re a Windows Phone developer then you’ll be happy to hear that Microsoft has just released a beta ROM for Mango that can be flashed to your phone. To take advantage of this, you must have a validated App Hub account. If you’re thinking of signing up, then you should know that it will […]