Nokia Announces Lumia 1020 Coming to Rogers & Telus


It’s official, Rogers and Telus will be getting the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be coming to Canada. Unfortunately, there is no mention of when, or how much it will cost. Also, there is no mention of the bands support or the availability of accessories like the camera grip. Both Rogers and Telus have a great […]

Will the CRTC’s New Wireless Code Force Customers to Pay More for Devices?


With the CRTC making changes to the wireless code in Canada, more than a few carriers remarked that these changes could result in more expensive devices. They can no longer spread the price of the phone over 3 years, so they’re saying you will have to pay more up front to offset that lost year. […]

New Wireless Code from CRTC Aims to Bring Change to Canadian Wireless Market

The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has unveiled a new wireless code of conduct. After a lengthy consultation process and months of work, the new wireless code is aimed to make things easier for an individual or small business. It takes effect starting on December 2nd, 2013 and it only applies to new or […]

The Nokia Lumia 900 Heading to Rogers


Back at CES 2012, Nokia announced the Lumia 710 would be launching on Rogers very soon. At that time, the general feel was that the larger and more powerful Lumia 900, may also be coming to Rogers. And as it turns out, that’s just what has happened. Today, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, announced at Mobile […]

CES 2012: Nokia Brings Lumia 710 & 800 to Canada

Nokia has announced that the Lumia 710 and 800 will in fact be coming to Canada. The 710 will be carried by Rogers and the 800 will be on the Telus network. Availability of the 800 with Telus is still just a “coming soon” and the price is much of the same. The 710 with […]

GO Transit Schedule Goes Mobile


If you live and work in Ontario, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re familiar with GO Transit – the Government of Ontario mass transit. GO trains and busses help millions get to and from work everyday. Last week, GO Transit announced the launch of their GO Mobile app providing customers with the ability to […]

Zune Music Service set to Launch in Canada!


Great news for Canadians with a Zune player, Windows Phone, Xbox, or even a PC – Microsoft’s Zune music service is set to launch in Canada. On October 3rd, the Zune Music Marketplace will open its doors to Canadians, providing access to more than 14 million tracks from major labels and indie artists. At the […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Coming to Canada in Late Q3


During the Nexus S launch event at Future Shop yesterday morning, we had a good little talk with our friends at Samsung Canada regarding the recently released WiFi only Tab. Samsung let us know that they won’t be bringing the 7 inch WiFi only Tab to Canada. Instead, they will skip past that and bring […]

The Canadian Gouge-Based Heritage

While Canada may be best known by those outside of the country for its hockey, maple syrup, and Mounties, those in the country also recognize the long standing history of being gouged by the phone and cable providers. So it’s no surprise that Canadian cellular rates are among the world’s highest – Sad, but true. You can […]

Unlocking Fees from the Big Three Canadian Carriers


Sometimes the carriers surprise me. Other times, not so much. Recently, Canadian carriers announced that they start to provide an unlocking service for $50. However, it can only be done once your contract has run its course or if you buy the phone outright then you can pay the fee and have it unlocked.  But […]