New Network Settings Lock on Windows Mobile 6.1 Devices


Windows Mobile 6.1 adds a new level of locking to your device. Along side the standard Carrier lock, SIM lock, and Application lock, you will now find a lock for the carriers data network settings. This lock prevents you from modifying the carriers pre-loaded data settings. Why would anyone want to lock those settings? The […]

Hacking the Quick Launch App on Samsung BlackJack II

In my previous post about the quick launch application on the BlackJack II, I talked about some keys being locked to pre-loaded applications. It would be nice if I could remove the AT&T Mall shortcut as I’ll never be using that. Same goes for the Media Net shortcut. It’s not that those aren’t valuable services, […]

Quick Launch your Favorite Apps on the BlackJack II


The original BlackJack from Samsung sported a really cool quick launch application that was launched when you did a press and hold on the scroll wheel. The list of applications was fully customizable and you could scroll through the list rather easily. Overall it was a great application that I used daily. Enter the BlackJack […]