Understanding Vanity Dialing in Samsung Smartphones


Samsung has included a feature in their phones called Vanity Dialing. As the name implies, this feature will allow you to dial those ever popular vanity numbers like 1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Samsung. You can find Vanity Dialing on the new Samsung Jack, Propel Pro and even the older BlackJack II devices under Start / Settings / […]

Hard Resetting the Samsung BlackJack II


How can someone go about doing a hard reset on this device?  If you’re looking to wipe the device clean and return it to factory settings – that means removing all of your personal settings and data stored on the deivce, then the easiest way is to press Start \ Settings \ Security \ Reset […]

Samsung’s Smashing New Smartphones


Samsung has officially announced four new Windows Mobile devices. There was no mention of price or availability of the 3 Windows Mobile Professional and 1 Standard devices. However, it is expected that they will be available in the next couple months. The Professional devices all build off the incredibly successful Omnia product line. The first […]

Where is the SMTP Patch for BlackJack II Users?

Back in the middle of November, Microsoft released a patch for people having problems sending emails on Windows Mobile devices. As it turned out, there was a small bug that would prevent devices from being able to send email from a given account. You could be working just fine for days or months and then […]

Changing the Media Net and Cellular Video Buttons on the BlackJack II


A little while back I spent some time looking around for a way to change the destination for the AT&T Media Net dedicated button on my BlackJack II. There was a couple different solutions but they all seemed to be way to complicated or involved unnecessary executables that would reside in memory on the device. […]

New Simplier Approach to Disable Read-Only Network Settings on BlackJack II


A couple months ago I published an article that details the steps required to remove the network settings lock that has been turned on by AT&T with their Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM update for the BlackJack II (and PanTech Dual – if it’s ever released). The steps require you to application unlock the phone and […]

How To Unlock GPRS Settings on BlackJack II with Windows Mobile 6.1

Now that Samsung has made the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM upgrade official for the BlackJack II, I should take a minute and remind everyone about the post I made a while back that helps you to unlock the carrier networks settings. This is a new feature that was added to Windows Mobile 6.1 by special […]

Taking the No Reboot Challenge with Windows Mobile


In my recent post about stability, I talked about Windows Mobile and how it is a stable platform. The source of all that instability is poorly written 3rd party applications. To help prove my point, I’m taking on the “No Reboot Challenge”. The idea is simple, no more reboots of my phone for any reason […]

Smaller & Better Travel Versions – Not Always


A while ago I received a travel charger for my Samsung BlackJack II. This charger is sold, or at least it’s my understanding that it’s available from AT&T stores as a replacement for the standard charger that comes in the box. I already had a charger, so I didn’t really pay too much attention to […]

Adjusting the Scroll Wheel Speed on Samsung BlackJack II

This has long been something that owners of the BlackJack II have complained about. The scroll wheel is a pretty good idea, but it takes too much to make it go around. One full rotation is required to move the highlighted item by 1 step. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done with the […]