Reserve Your BlackBerry 10 Device on Rogers Starting Today


Rogers has announced that starting today, existing customers can reserve RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 device using their reservation system. Very little has actually been confirmed by RIM about the upcoming device. We do know that it is a touch screen only device, features LTE, and has an enhanced touch screen keyboard that allows for fast […]

Rogers & CIBC Kick Off Secure Mobile Payments


Rounding out the week, Rogers and CIBC celebrated the first mobile NFC based payment in Canada. Simon Whitfield, the Olympic triathlon super champion, joined Rogers and CIBC to make the first mobile payment a reality, at a truly Canadian location – Tim Horton’s. Starting on November 16th, the CIBC Mobile Payment app will be available […]

Developer Interest in Windows Phone Grows as BlackBerry Declines


Since the day Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 Series, they have been working hard to promote the developer side of the platform. A platform that is easy to developer for is key to winning over developers and growing the market place quickly. And things have been paying off for Windows Phone. The marketplace has over […]

GO Transit Schedule Goes Mobile


If you live and work in Ontario, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re familiar with GO Transit – the Government of Ontario mass transit. GO trains and busses help millions get to and from work everyday. Last week, GO Transit announced the launch of their GO Mobile app providing customers with the ability to […]

Rogers is On Fire! Many New Phones Announced


Rogers is pulling out all the stops with great new devices coming out! In the last week they have announced that the following are either available or coming soon: Apple iPhone 4 – Well, we all knew this was coming but for those that are fans, nice to see if it here. The iPhone 4 […]

Rogers Announces Two New Smartphones


Rogers has two new smartphones for Canadians; the Blackberry Pearl 9100 and the Acer Liquid E. The Blackberry Pearl 9100, like other Pearl phones has a compact qwerty keyboard and really looks fantastic!  While most Pearls seem to have been aimed at consumers the 9100 looks all business-like in it’s black suit. The 9100 specs […]

Where Are All the Flipping Smartphones?


When you look around at the type of mobile phone that the average person is using you’ll notice that the majority of phones are flip based. I’m talking about the average person like your mother, Aunt, Cousin, Grandparents, etc… Not the techno-geeks or early adapters. Just the average Joe and their phone. They’re typically cheap […]