Reviewing the Samsung Nexus S with Pure Android


Samsung’s Nexus S smartphone is truly a one-of-a-kind device. As more Android devices poor on to the shelves, this device stands out as a pure Google experience. The hardware is all Samsung, but internally, there’s nothing added by Samsung, other than device drivers. The UI, and experience is all Google, like it or not. Recently […]

Samsung and Future Shop Launch the Nexus S


Samsung and Future Shop took to the streets of Toronto earlier today to celebrate the launch of Samsung’s Nexus S exclusively available from Future Shop. If you found yourself around Yonge and Dundas Square or even over by Union Station, you may have noticed people with white shirts displaying the Nexus S on the back. […]

HTC Confirms Tablet for Q1 2011


During a financial presentation yesterday, the CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, confirmed that they are working on a tablet. While Chou would not confirm any details or specifications about the tablet, it is rumored that HTC has 3 tablets in the pipeline and they could start hitting the streets as early as March. Microsoft is […]

Google Makes Samsung Nexus S and Gingerbread Official


It was a big day for Google yesterday. They’ve put the rumors to rest when it comes to the Samsung Nexus S smartphone by officially announcing the device. Scheduled to be sold across the US in Best Buy as an unlocked, non-carrier subsidized phone. In the UK you can expect to find the Nexus S […]