Free Windows Phone 7 Devices for All…

Before you get too excited, I should clarify that it’s free Windows Phone 7 devices for all Microsoft employee’s and now interns at Microsoft have been added to that list. Last week, it was announced that Microsoft will make devices running their latest mobile operating system available to all their employees as they are launched […]

LG to Launch Windows Phone 7 Device by End of September

In 2009 at Mobile World Congress, LG Electronics made a big commitment to use Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system on the majority of their devices over the coming years. To date we haven’t seen much result from that announcement, but all that could change before the end of this year. According to an article from […]

Windows Phone 7 Takes 4th Place in Top 25 Most Innovative Products


“Reinventing yourself isn’t easy, yet that’s what Microsoft did with Windows Phone 7, its slick new mobile operating system. Microsoft took its aging, stodgy Windows Mobile OS, reserved mainly for business users, and built something new from the ground up. The end result: an intuitive new platform that pushes the user—instead of apps—into the limelight.”Laptop […]

Share your Windows Phone 7 App Idea and Win!

Microsoft has kicked off a contest where you can plead your case for whatever app you would like to see on Windows Phone 7. The community will vote on the suggestions and the winning suggestion will not only have the application developed and listed in the marketplace as a free app, the winner will get […]

Any Windows Phone 7 Device can be Unlocked for Development Purposes

If you’re a developer and looking for a better test experience than the emulator offers, then you’re in luck. The latest word coming out of a developer conference call is that any Windows Phone 7 device will be un-lockable through a special portal provided to developers. Each developer will be allowed to unlock up to […]

LG Panther Arrives at Microsoft Innovation Center in Singapore


We’ve been reading rumors about the LG Panther for a while now. For those that haven’t been keeping up on the chatter, the Panther is LG’s Windows Phone 7 device and it’s picture has been floating around the internet since just before Microsoft’s MIX event back in March. Details have always been hard to come […]

Windows Phone 7 Outlook Hub Video Walk-Through

Since Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 back at Mobile World Congress, there has been very little talk abut email and calendaring and how they will interact with other features like Office Mobile. A new video shows just what you can expect from the email experience and it even shows how Office Mobile will be seamlessly […]

Cheaper Windows Phone 7 Devices Headed to Developing Countries


Word on the web is that Microsoft may be looking to create a different chassis or specification for developing countries. Most likely, this would result in devices with reduced screen sizes, less memory, and slower processors. As is expected, Microsoft will be looking to their hardware partners like HTC, and Samsung, to produce the low […]

Answering The Question – Can Windows Phone Multitask


When Microsoft shared the developer story for Windows Phone 7 at MIX, there was a lot of talk about multitasking and if it was even an option in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has been very careful in what they say when it comes to multitasking. There’s been no official yes or no answer and because […]

Microsoft Drops Series from Windows Phone 7 Name


With nothing more than a tweet, Microsoft changed the name of their new and upcoming mobile operating system. It’s not a radical change, but it certainly makes a difference. In February, Microsoft announced their new mobile operating system, the next version of Windows Mobile, would be available holiday 2010 and it was to be known […]