New Samsung B7330 Messenger Device Heading to Canada


Samsung is the king of Windows Mobile Standard based devices. Since the launch of the original BlackJack, Samsung has been improving and updating this form factor. Last year they released the B7330 in the Netherlands, and now it appears that it will make it’s way to Canada for Bell and Rogers. The B7330 is only […]

How To Tweak Windows Mobile 6.5 Today Screen


With the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft brought the XML based today screen that has been used on non-touch devices, to the touch world of Windows Mobile. While it’s not the exact same XML template, it still allows us to get our hands in there and do some cool customization. And customize we shall […]

How to Turn off HTC’s Sense on the HD2


This may seem like a pretty straight forward tip to some, while others will find it extremely valuable. For me, I was playing with HTC’s Hero device running Android prior to picking up the HTC HD2. On the Hero, the Sense interface can not be disabled. So the thought never crossed my mind when I […]

HTC Announces Legend, Desire and Mini


At Mobile World Congress today, HTC announced 3 new devices based on Windows Mobile and Android operating systems. The HTC Mini is based on Windows Mobile 6.5 and brings the experience of the HD2 to a smaller footprint. The HD2 experience is truly something special. If HTC can make this into a smaller device, it […]

Custom Theme Generator for Windows Phone

Earlier, we posted about adding custom wallpaper to your Windows phone. In that post, the wallpaper was a custom Windows Start button that was meant as your desktop wallpaper. If you’re looking to further customize your phone so that it’s you from top to bottom, then you will want to check out the Microsoft theme […]

Is it Really That Hard to get .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows Mobile 6.5 Device?

I was just going off about this on twitter and I felt it was worth posting about too. I downloaded the beta for FourSquare on Windows Mobile. However, the application requires .Net Compact Framework 3.5 on the device. At first, I figured that a new HTC HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 should already have the […]

CES: HTC HD2 Coming to T-Mobile this Spring

Today, during the keynote at CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that the HTC HD2 will be coming to T-Mobile’s network in the spring. If you’re not familiar with this smartphone, it’s the latest HTC device running Windows Mobile 6.5. It features a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor with a high-resolution 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, […]

Taking a Look Into the Samsung Omnia II at Mobility Minded

Verizon has recently launched the Samsung Omnia II smartphone powered by Windows Mobile 6.5. This is the follow up to the extremely popular Omnia which saw a CDMA release in North America along with 2 different GSM versions released in Europe and the Middle East. Mobility Minded has posted a 3 part review that takes […]

High Resolution Images of LG IQ

Last week I had a chance to play with the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 LG IQ smartphone. Unfortunately, the lighting in the venue was less than ideal for pictures. I snapped what I could at the best I could, but they’re not my finest device shots. Thankfully, I now have some really nice clean shots […]

Up Close and Personal with the LG IQ

Last night I was invited by LG to take a look at their new device line-up, which included the brand new LG IQ, better known under the code name Monaco. While the IQ is not currently on sale, it will be available from Telus before the end of the year. If you consider that it […]