Market Place for Mobile Makes its way to Windows Mobile 6.0 & 6.1

On October 6th, Microsoft launched their new Windows Phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 One of the many features is the addition of a market place for mobile devices. At the time of launch, this was only available for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. This week, Microsoft has made Market Place for Mobile available to all Windows […]

A Closer Look – The Samsung Jack Reviewed


It may not be called BlackJack, but the new Samsung Jack is the third release in the popular BlackJack series of smartphones. The original BlackJack and BlackJack II devices both reached the million plus sales mark. Can Samsung repeat that success with this new phone? If first impressions are any indication, then the new Jack […]

Unboxing the Samsung Jack at Mobility Minded


Johan van Mierlo was able to get his hands on the new AT&T Samsung Jack smartphone and has filmed an unboxing video showing off the device in all of it’s glory. The Jack sports a similar keyboard to that of the Motorola Q9, but as the picture below shows, the Jack’s keyboard is a smaller […]

AT&T Set to Release New Samsung Jack Smartphone


This past week, AT&T announced another Samsung smartphone that will be added to their line-up. The new phone is called the Samsung Jack, not to be confused with the Samsung Jack being offered on the Canadian GSM carrier – Rogers, which is actually a BlackJack II. This new Jack runs Windows Mobile 6.1 but will […]

MTV’s Samsung c6620 Reviewed at WindowsMobileItaly


Diego Magnani over at has posted a review of Samsung’s C6620 smartphone. This is one of the devices that Samsung showed off at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The device is running on Italy’s TIM network and sold under the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) MTV. Samsung has produced a number of devices […]

HTC Snap Video Round-Up


This past week HTC announced their all new smartphone called the HTC Snap. The device seems to be getting a fair amount of buzz since it was announced. HTC was showing it off to everyone at CTIA this week and now there are a number of video’s appearing online showing the Snap in action. In […]

HTC Snap Announced at CTIA 2009


Today at CTIA in Las Vegas, HTC officially announced the HTC Snap smartphone. The Snap marks the first messenger style device from HTC since the Dash (also known as Excalibur). This new smartphone features new software by HTC called “Inner Circle” that aims to automatically prioritize email from the most important people in your life. […]

AT&T Makes the Samsung Propel Pro Official


AT&T has announced the new Samsung Propel Pro smartphone will be available on their network in April. This new device is based on the popular Propel model but features Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard as it’s operating system. The silver and chrome slider smartphone sports a full QWERTY keyboard. Unlike the typical side – sliders we’ve […]

Samsung c6620 for MTV Mobile in Italy


Recently I posted about the Samsung c6620’s availability. When I posted that, it was posted on Samsung’s Netherlands website along with some local Netherlands resellers. Now it’s turned up in Italy (thanks Deigo for the tip!) and this version appears to be the same phone, just with added mobile operator branding – and a funky […]

Samsung’s New c6620 is Already Available


The c6620 is one of the new phones that Samsung showed off last month at Mobile World Congress. That didn’t take very long at all. This new model resembles the ever-popular BlackJack line of smartphones running Windows Mobile Standard 6.1. The keyboard has a slightly different design and the keys look to be a little […]