iLoome Screen Mate Tempered Glass Screen Shield for the iPhone 5

iLoome Screen Mate

Tempered glass screen shields are pretty new to the world of mobile phones. Some might wonder why use glass instead of the normal film style we have become used too? The answer is simple, once the glass screen shield in installed, you literally can’t tell it’s there. They are the clearest screen shields I have ever used. And I’ve used a lot. dozens of different kinds. Today we’ll check out the Screen Mate shields from iLoome.

Pros; Price, can’t tell it’s there, almost scratch proof.

Cons; 1 chance install, mess it up and shield is ruined.

Overall I have to give these screen shields a solid 2 thumbs up. Price is great, and they are the clearest you will find anywhere.

Learn more about them at iLoome’s website here.

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  • whl

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