TheHiShop Huasm Smart Game Pad for iPhone and iPod Touch

I;ve reviewed a number of TheHiShop’s iPhone cases in the past and generally been very impressed by the quality and price of what they have to offer. Today, we’ll be looking at something a bit different.

Gaming on our mobile devices has become a very popular pastime, and those of you who play a lot of games on your iOS device know that sometimes gaming on a small device can be difficult to hold and become uncomfortable after long periods of gameplay. TheHiShop has come to your rescue with a pretty good solution for your problem. Enter the Huasm Smart Game Pad, which basically converts your iOS device into a game controller, adding grip and comfort to your mobile gaming.


Pros; Much more comfortable for longer gaming sessions
Cons; Can’t access volume or sleep/wake button.
If you do a lot of gaming on your iOS device, the Huasm Smart Game Pad is worth considering, check it out at;

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